Importing Students into Lt

Students must be invited to your course so that they can have access to all of your lessons and modules. Once invited, your Course will appear on their Lt homepage, and they will have access to everything that has been published. From the admin pages, you can keep track of how your students are progressing through your lessons. Please take care to enter the correct email address of each student when inviting them to your course.

The Students Card

The Students card is accessed by selecting Students Accounts from the Course card. Here you can Import and invite students, Delete and Restore students, manage sections, and filter or search for students by name.

Students that have been deleted can be found using the Deleted Accounts option and then restored to the course by selecting Restore. 

Import Students using a .CSV File

Students can be invited individually or imported using a .csv file.

Lt handles the following columns in a student .csv file, any other columns must be removed before importing. Column headings must appear as the first row of the file and must precisely match the headings as they are written below.

All students must have an email address, it's used to uniquely identify students in your course. All addresses must be in the format a@b.c. For example,

Student ID
The student id field is optional. It can be in whatever format your course uses for identifying students. Assigning IDs to each student during import may make it easier to reconcile Lt data with data you keep in other systems.

Given Name
The given name field is optional. When provided it will be used by Lt to identify and greet the student.

Family Name
The family name field is optional. When provided it will be used by Lt to identify and greet the student.

The section field is optional. When provided it can be used as an additional way to filter students inside the kuraGrading interface.

Download CSV file example