Importing Students into Lt

Navigate to the Students Accounts section within the Course Home card to access the Students Accounts card. Here, various actions such as importing and inviting students, managing sections, searching or filtering students by name can be performed.

Students can be invited individually, imported using a .csv file or imported from your LMS. Deleted students can be located using the Deleted Accounts option and subsequently reinstated to the course by selecting the Restore option.


Importing Students using a .csv file

 Lt recognizes specific columns in a student .csv file. Any additional columns must be removed before import, and the column headings must precisely match the format outlined below:

Email: Every student must have a valid email address, uniquely identifying them in the course. Email addresses should adhere to the format a@b.c (e.g.,

Student ID: While optional, assigning IDs during import facilitates data reconciliation with other systems used by the course.

Given Name: Optional field. When provided, Lt uses it for identification and greetings.

Family Name: Optional field. Lt uses this when provided for identification and greetings.

Section: Another optional field that, when provided, offers an additional way to filter students within the Lt Grading interface.

CSV file example


Importing Students using LMS

Before you can import students using LMS, you will need your IT team to integrate Lt and your LMS through the learning tool interoperability (LTI) standard. See here for more details.



To grant students access to your course content, they need to be invited or linked through your LMS. Once invited or linked, the course will be visible on their Lt homepage, allowing them to explore all published lessons and modules. Admins can monitor students' progress through lessons from the Course Progress page. Please ensure accurate entry of each student's email address during the invitation process.