Settings for Sampling Panels in Lt - Breathing

You can use the Breathing preset settings together with a respiratory belt to measure your breathing rate and breath amplitude.

Exercises you can do using these settings

With this simple equipment you can record quiet breathing and then examine the effects of hyperventilation, rebreathing expired air, and/or exercise.

As an example, follow the protocol shown below:

The following instructions may be useful for you to copy and paste for your students:

Equipment setup procedure

  • Fasten the respiratory belt around the chest of the volunteer, as shown. The transducer should be at the front of the body, in line with the navel, and tightened sufficiently so that it remains under tension even when the volunteer fully exhales.
    The respiratory belt transducer can be used over clothing, and it does not matter whether the subject is sitting or standing, as long as they are comfortable.
  • Connect the respiratory belt transducer to Input 1 on the PowerLab.
    It is important when recording normal respiration that the subject is facing away from the computer screen and is not consciously controlling breathing.The subject may have to stare out a window or read a book to avoid conscious control of respiration.