I bought an Lt Access code; how do I log in to Lt and enter my Lt access code to use Lt?

Once you have obtained your Lt access code, you must wait until you receive your Lt email invitation before attempting to log in on your own. Your instructor will send you an email invitation to your course from Lt. The email will be sent to your university email address that your instructor has listed in your course roster and will come from the sender noreply@kuracloud.com with the subject, "Here's your Student invitation to Lt!". If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder or consult with your instructor to ensure the email invitations have been sent

Once you receive this email, click the button to "Confirm Invitation" to be taken to your account activation page. 

If this is your first time using the Lt platform, you will then create an Lt Student Account. Pay close attention to the email that is listed there as that will remain the same for your future Lt logins.

If you have already used Lt before, you can log in with an existing account.

When you first log into Lt you will be presented with a box to enter your Lt access code. You can enter your code at that time, or you can log in and begin an unlicensed access period for 21 days.  



During the unlicensed period, or at the time when it ends, you can click the "Enter Access Code Now" button at the top of the screen to return to the code entry screen and enter your Lt access code when you are ready.

If you have not received an Lt Student Invitation email or need assistance with purchasing an Lt access code, please refer to your course syllabus or contact your course instructor directly for help. If you still experience further difficulties after following the above steps, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.