How to build your Psychology Experiments using SuperLab, and record evoked responses with LabChart.

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This webinar provides a general overview of SuperLab, a stimulus presentation software compatible with PowerLab and LabChart. When used in conjunction with Cedrus’ input and output hardware solutions, SuperLab enables automatic event tracking within LabChart, allowing for straightforward interpretation of data once your experiment is over.


During this session, Hisham Abboud from Cedrus briefly introduces his company, its products, and how these products integrate with PowerLab and LabChart. Cedrus produces both software and hardware solutions for running stimulus presentation experiments. A complete walkthrough of SuperLab, their stimulus presentation software, is provided, from possible biometric configurations, experimental setup, data acquisition through LabChart, and interpretation of that data.

Cedrus devices provide sub-millisecond accuracy and are highly configurable to fit the needs of a broad range of stimulus presentation situations. There is a live demonstration of a stimulus presentation experiment using SuperLab, C-Pod, PowerLab, BioAmps, and GSR at the end of the webinar highlighting the flexible nature of the SuperLab/PowerLab combination.

Key Topics:

  • An Introduction to Cedrus: Who they are and what they do.
  • Cedrus Products: Specialising in three types of products, Cedrus produces: stimulus presentation software, response devices, and hardware for recording and sending event markers. 
  • Biometric setup with Cedrus and ADI Products: Configuration options using C-Pod or StimTracker in conjunction with PowerLab.
  • Stimulus presentation options: Stimulation tracker options if you use presentation software other than SuperLab.
  • How to build a SuperLab experiment: A live demonstration setting up a simple stimulus-response experiment in SuperLab.
  • Live demonstration: A SuperLab experiment using C-Pod, PowerLab, Bioamp, and GSR for data collection.

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About the speakers:

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Hisham Abboud
CEO, President, and Founder of Cedrus Corporation

The guest speaker for this webinar is the CEO of Cedrus Corporation, Hisham Abboud. Located in California, Cedrus specializes in the development of SuperLab stimulus presentation software, response pads, and integration products that make it easy to send event markers. Its products have been sold in over 80 countries and continue to be a mark of quality. Cedrus works closely with other companies such as AD Instruments and GE Healthcare to bring friendly and turnkey solutions to customers. Hisham started programming in high school. Originally from Lebanon, he came to the U.S. in 1984 to study electrical engineering and computer science. He founded Cedrus in 1991 and is the original developer of SuperLab. He is a firm believer that if a product is not easy to use, then it is not very useful.


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SuperLab is the stimulus presentation software, which allows building most types of experiments that require presenting visual stimuli on the screen, auditory stimuli via speakers, controlling or synchronizing with other instruments such as a PowerLab data acquisition unit. The recorded responses including reaction times are saved in text-only file which can be read by almost all spreadsheet or statistics software.
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