Exploring cardiac and vascular function in monogenic syndromes of hypertension and hypotension (Keith Siew)

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In this talk, Keith Siew (PhD) summarizes how he uses ADInstruments and Millar equipment with LabChart Lightning software to record and perform real-time analysis of blood pressure, ECG, pulse waveforms, and vasopressor responses in animal models.

His talk includes useful, practical information on how to improve experimental outcomes and extract the maximum amount of data from raw recordings.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Overview on how the kidney regulates natriuresis
  • The importance of Na-CI Cotransporter (NCC) in Blood Pressure Control
  • Why is PHA2E the severest form of Gordon Syndrome, and hypothesis of producing Gordon-like phenotype in vivo
  • Overview of experimental setup and methods
  • LabChart Lightning and data overview
  • Metrics used to interpret results including Pulse Wave Velocity and Diastolic Pressure Decay
  • Investigation into SPAK binding disruption as an anti-hypertensive strategy
  • Study conclusions

Dr. Siew's Laboratory groups look at rare disease patients with renal tubular disorders, many of which have impacts on blood pressure. They study rare monogenic syndromes of blood pressure, such as Gordon Syndrome and Gitelman Syndrome, to understand how the process is regulated and look for novel anti-hypertensive targets, with a particular focus on the distal convoluted tubule of the kidney. In this webinar, Keith discusses how the team mimicked these mutations in animal models to examine the most severe form of Gordon Syndrome. The talk includes a focus on the use of ADInstruments equipment and LabChart Lightning software to record and measure blood pressure parameters and arterial stiffness in mice with induced hypertension and hypotension.

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About the speaker:

Keith Siew LabChart Lightning in the Lab webinar ADI

Keith Siew, PhD
Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow
University College London
Keith is a renal-cardiovascular physiologist and microscopist. He is a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow at University College London undertaking collaborations with Université de Paris and Harvard University during his fellowship. His work focuses on elucidating the links between dietary salt intake, renal electrolyte homeostasis and blood pressure control. His research combines advanced 3D imaging of post-mortem and biopsied samples, with in vivo physiological and pharmacological assessments of both rare disease patients and genetically engineered animal models of renal electrolyte and blood pressure disorders.

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