Methods to Assess Blood Pressure Regulation in Humans and in Animal Models

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In this ADInstruments sponsored APS workshop, Dr. Noha Shawky, Dr. Lacy Alexander (co-chair), and Dr. Vaughan Macefield address gold standard and innovative methods used in the measurement and analysis of blood pressure regulation in physiology research. This event is chaired by Dr. Nina Stachenfeld and includes a presentation by Dr. Phil Griffiths from ADInstruments on data quality in telemetry studies.

Key Topics:   

  • The use of radiotelemetry to measure blood pressure in freely-moving rats
  • The use of skin microdialysis to address mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in humans
  • The measurement of sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) using microneurography to examine mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in humans
  • The benefits of solid-state sensors in small animal telemetry recording for data quality

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a primary contributor to cardiovascular disease and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the United States. Therefore understanding how blood pressure is regulated within the body plays a fundamental role in cardiovascular research. The techniques used to understand blood pressure regulation in humans and in animal models have evolved dramatically over the last decade.

This ADInstruments sponsored APS workshop showcases an exciting group of leading experts in this important and foundational aspect of human and animal research. They also provide new data from their research as they describe in detail their innovative methods. The workshop is chaired by Dr. Nina Stachenfeld from Yale School of Medicine, and co-chaired by Dr. Lacy Alexander from The Pennsylvania State University.

In conclusion of the workshop, our own Dr. Phil Griffiths discusses the importance of solid-state sensors for data quality in telemetry research and provides an overview of Kaha Sciences technology from ADInstruments.

This on-demand event is being shared with the permission of the American Physiological Society and mentioned presenters. Please note this recording is edited and not all presenters from the original workshop are shown.

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About the speakers:

Dr. Nina Stachenfeld

Dr. Nina Stachenfeld
Director of the Laboratory for Metabolic Testing and Performance, and Fellow
John B. Pierce Laboratory, Yale School of Medicine
This technique workshop is chaired by Nina Stachenfeld, whose laboratory focuses on the impact of various hormones on cardiovascular function, control of blood pressure, insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction, exercise, metabolism, and temperature regulation in humans.

Dr. Noha Shawky

Dr. Noha M. Shawky
Cell and Molecular Biology
University of Mississippi Medical Center
The session begins with Dr. Noha Shawky, who describes the use of radiotelemetry to measure long and short-term changes in blood pressure in freely-moving rats. Radiotelemetry is the gold standard for measuring blood pressure in small animals and is a requirement for most grant reviewers.

Dr. Lacy Alexander

Dr. Lacy Alexander
Professor of Kinesiology
Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Lacy Alexander (workshop co-chair) describes the use of skin microdialysis to address mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in humans. Skin microdialysis is an innovative research method used to examine blood pressure control in humans, and can be applied to many different questions in human physiology.

Dr. Vaughan Macefield

Dr. Vaughan Macefield
Senior Principal Research Fellow
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Dr. Vaughan Macefield addresses microneurography, the measurement of sympathetic nerve activity (SNA), using methods developed in his laboratory including both multi and single-unit recordings, and how these techniques are used to examine mechanisms regulating blood pressure in humans, including his most recent muscle SNA-fMR coupled research. Find out more about Vaughan's background, achievements and awards HERE.

Dr. Phil Griffiths ADI

Dr. Phillip Griffiths
Training and Technical Support
As part of ADInstruments sponsorship of this event, Dr. Phillip Griffiths from ADInstruments provides a product overview of the Rat Telemetry System and provides details as to the importance of solid-state pressure sensors within telemetry to assure data quality. More info on telemetry from ADInstruments.


Kaha Sciences Telemetry

Kaha Sciences Telemetry

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