Data Collection & Analysis in Human Autonomic Research: How to Guide Successful Testing

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In this webinar, Dr. Jackie Limberg (PhD) discusses the basics of human autonomic research and shares tips & tricks for data collection and analysis during human autonomic testing to improve the accuracy and reliability of your findings.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify tests appropriate for measuring basal reflex autonomic control
  • Describe the pros and cons of tests used in human autonomic research
  • Create a research setting that is conducive to reliable and accurate human autonomic data
  • Select equipment appropriate for the research question being addressed
  • Anticipate and avoid areas that may increase data variability and reduce your ability to interpret results

Implementing key experimental controls and understanding nuances in data collection and analysis during human autonomic testing have important implications for the accuracy and reliability of your findings. Dr. Limberg will introduce the gold standards for measuring both basal and reflex autonomic responses in humans, what equipment is required, and how to minimize variability in your data. The focus of the webinar is on data collection, including recommendations for study design as well as data analysis and interpretation.

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About the speaker:

Jackie Limberg autonomic techniques and tips webinar ADI

Jacqueline Limberg, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
University of Missouri
Dr. Limberg is a human integrative physiologist with a primary focus on the role of the autonomic nervous system in cardiovascular responses to exercise and environmental stressors in health and disease.

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