Microneurography – LabChart Software Demonstration

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In this on-demand webinar, Vaughan Macefield - one of the world’s leading neurophysiologists in the field of microneurography demonstrates how to analyze microneurography data using LabChart's channel calculations, Data Pad, and Spike Histogram and Peak analysis Modules.

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Webinar Overview:

  • Introduction

  • Using the Audio Output Add-on

  • Analyzing data using the Spike Histogram Module

    • How to use the 'Spike Train Set up'
    • Configuring the Spike Discriminator
  • Analyzing data using LabChart's Cyclic Measurements feature 

    • Converting standard pulses into an instantaneous frequency profile
    • Calculating bursts/minute
    • Detecting sinusoidal events of a certain amplitude
  • Extracting data using Data Pad

    • Using Data Pad to determine the start, end, and duration of MSNA activity
    • Displaying Peak Parameters in Data Pad (area, amplitude, width, rise time, fall time, and more)
    • Displaying a select area of your recording in Data Pad
    • Exporting Data Pad as an Excel file

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About the speaker:

Professor Vaughan Macefield, PhD, DSc 
Senior Principal Research Fellow at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Vaughan Macefield

'Professor Macefield specializes in recording from single nerve fibres via microelectrodes inserted into the peripheral nerves of awake human subjects (microneurography), and is best known for developing the methodology for recording the firing properties of single, type-identified, sympathetic neurones supplying muscle and skin and, most recently, for developing the methodology for recording muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) at the same time as performing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain.'


Spike Histogram Module LabChart

LabChart - All you microneurography analysis in one place

The Spike Histogram and Peak Analysis Modules for LabChart are essential add-on's to have for analyzing your microneurography data. Whether you are investigating data from single-unit recordings of muscle spindle afferents, or multi-unit recordings of MSNA, LabChart has the tools to support your studies. Find out more »