Projects and Recordings in LabChart Lightning

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A key new idea in LabChart Lightning is the project. Just like how a study may consist of multiple experiments, a project contains recordings.

How to create a new project 

You can create new projects and open existing projects from the recent projects list in the file menu.

You can view the recordings in your current project from the recordings tab at the bottom right.

Managing project recordings

Searching the project for recordings of interest is easy - you can either search in the recordings tab, or from the Chart View’s recording picker.

You can also tag your recordings with any labels you like, so you can find them easily in the future.

Projects will allow you to perform analysis across all of your experiments - something you couldn’t previously do within LabChart. 

For example, features like the Table View collate your data across all of your recordings within an entire project. Find out more about cross-recording analysis in LabChart Lightning »

With these changes, you will no longer need to manually manage your files on your computer - LabChart Lightning will do it for you.

If you have any questions not covered in this video or our other support material, please feel free to contact your nearest support representative - we’d be happy to help!

The LabChart Team