Versatile Biology: Engaging Experiments For Any Learning Environment

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In this co-presented webinar, Director of Biology at Vernier, John Melville, gives an overview of our Lt Biology collection and its benefits, and demonstrates how educators and students can use Vernier Go Direct sensors to easily record real-time data or use pre-built example data to learn remotely.

Charlotte Steel, an instructional designer from our Lt Content team, describes how the collection was created using pedagogical techniques relevant to undergraduate biology students, including how we drew from Bloom's taxonomy, and from Vision and Change Core Competencies.

Liam Farley, one of our global customer success managers, gives a basic introduction to Lt, and shows how you can easily customize and adapt content for your curriculum.

Learn about:

  • Lt for Biology collection overview
  • Vernier’s Go Direct sensors for data collection when in the lab
  • Built-in example data for remote learning environments
  • Enzyme Action: Testing Catalase Activity Lab overview
  • How to easily customize ready-made content and lessons

About the speakers:

John Melville 
Director of Biology at Vernier has over a decade of experience teaching at the university level, and he designed inquiry-based laboratory exercises and integrated data-collection technology in his courses.

Charlotte Steel
Instructional Designer from the Lt content team at ADInstruments. 

Liam Farley
Customer Success Manager at ADInstruments.

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