Webinar: The Journey From Pandemic Teaching Into The New Normal

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Join Gethin Evans, PhD as he delves into his experience teaching in the life sciences pre-, during, and post-pandemic and how his department has invested in technology to enhance teaching content and delivery.

Key learning objectives:   

  • Understand the context in which a variety of platforms are used within the department.
  • Discuss the challenges associated with online learning that these platforms assisted with during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Discuss the key learning outcomes from the use of these technologies and how these can be modified with the return to campus-based teaching.


Gethin has taught physiology in the Department of Life Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University since 2008. The Department has a long history of investing in technology for teaching in all areas of Life Sciences. The Faculty of Science and Engineering increased their investment in a variety of technology platforms to assist with teaching content and delivery during the pandemic.

Since then, they have evolved the use of these platforms while moving into the “new normal”, and the Faculty are due to move into a new facility in Summer 2023 in which “active learning” forms a key part of the strategy moving forward. Gethin will discuss the evolution of the use of this technology – from pre-pandemic, to online learning, the return to business as usual, as well as looking forward to future plans.

Key takeaways:

  • Continued investment in technology allows for student-centered and varied learning.
  • However, new teaching approaches don't always need to be technology-based - even a card game is something new and different that students will appreciate.
  • The time invested in establishing digital resources is only used once, and then the resource can be delivered repeatedly.
  • Students can take some time to engage with new activities - be encouraging and patient. It's important to integrate technology into teaching so that it becomes normal.
  • A good lecturer will always be a good lecturer, and there is still room for that in the classroom - this work is about introducing some new ways of learning.

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This event was sponsored by ADInstruments, and was the last in a 4-part webinar series, 2023 New Ways to Learn: Harnessing the Power of Technology. The other webinars in this series were:

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About the speaker:

Dr. Gethin Evans

Gethin Evans, PhD
Deputy Head of Department
Life Sciences
Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr. Gethin Evans is currently Deputy Head of Department in the Department of Life Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom. He has continued his research career related to Human and Nutritional Physiology while holding a number of roles related to education and has developed his interests in the use of technology-informed teaching.

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