Webinar: What makes a good online lesson in veterinary education?

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Join our presenter, Nicola Smith, Senior Lecturer at Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University, as she discusses different teaching techniques and strategies to encourage engaged online learning.


When creating asynchronous online resources for a course, many tertiary educators initially think of pre-recording traditional 50-minute lectures or assigning readings.  Video lectures and readings have their place but can be easy for students to ignore or undertake passively. So what is the alternative, and how can we get students to actively engage with the material?

This webinar is for educators interested in creating interactive online lessons and will be looking at: 

  • How to engage students in an asynchronous online environment
  • Best practices for presenting information online that helps students learn
  • How to convert these best practices into interactive and motivating student experiences

Nicola will also discuss more on best practices for blended learning, combining the best aspects of online and face-to-face teaching.

About the speaker:

Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith   
Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Science    
Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University, New Zealand 

Nicola is an award-winning educator at Te Kunenga ki Pūrehuroa Massey University, New Zealand, with a passion for supporting the next generation of vets. Previously working in general practice, she is currently a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Science. Nicola teaches integrative studies to undergraduate veterinary students at Massey’s School of Veterinary Science, which is highly-ranked and widely accredited. 

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