Webinar: Lt Biology and Chemistry with Vernier Science Education

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This is a useful webinar for biology and chemistry educators who are interested in streamlining their lab curriculum and engaging their students in active learning with authentic data acquisition.


ADInstruments has partnered with Vernier® Science Education to enhance lab-based learning. Use our online learning platform, Lt, with Vernier's Go Direct® Sensors to teach interactive and engaging college biology and chemistry labs! 

The guest speaker of this webinar is Stuart Lewis, a Science Communicator for Scientrific (a Vernier distributor).

Webinar: Lt Biology and Chemistry with Vernier

In this webinar, ADI Scientific Support Specialist, Nick Mackovski, and Stuart:

  • Review Lt Biology and Chemistry content that uses Vernier's sensor technology
  • Cover the range of Go Direct® sensors available from Vernier
  • Discuss "Distance Learning" labs
  • Showcase ready-made extension activities
  • Provide a LIVE Vernier sensor demonstration

Nick also discusses how you can easily build your curriculum and customize labs in Lt.

Note: Vernier's Go Direct® sensors sample data into Lt only via USB. Bluetooth sampling is not available. The SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotomoter functions in two modes in Lt: absorbance vs. time, or absorbance vs. wavelength. Student work must be committed before being graded.

Interested in teaching biology or chemistry with the Lt Biology or Chemistry Collections? Contact us for more information.

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