Webinar: Got Protein? Teach Macromolecules in an Interactive and Engaging Way to College Biology Students!

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In this webinar, experts from ADInstruments, Bio-Rad™ Laboratories, and Vernier® Science Education explore the technology you need to teach hands-on, engaging biology lessons to college students.


The Macromolecules: Proteins activity offers an approachable way for college students to learn about the properties of macromolecules, with a focus on the structure and function of proteins. Students directly measure protein concentration using the Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer and Bio-Rad Laboratories Got Protein? Kit, recording their data and answering interactive questions in Lt, an online learning platform for the sciences.

In this webinar, Hailey Angus of ADInstruments, Damon Tighe of Bio-Rad Laboratories, and John Melville of Vernier Science Education will:

  • Explain the principles behind the Bradford assay and how the Bio-Rad Laboratories Got Protein? Kit works.
  • Demonstrate how to use the Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer to measure protein concentration in Lt using the Got Protein? Kit.
  • Explain active learning in the context of introductory biology experiments. 
  • Discuss how you can engage students in your biology lab by incorporating active learning in the Lt Biology Collection.

About the speakers:

Hailey Angus

Hailey Angus                 
Business Development Manager, Biology and Chemistry               


John Melville, Ph.D                 
Director of Biology               
Vernier Science Education       


Damon Tighe                 
Curriculum and Training Specialist               
Bio-Rad Laboratories       

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