What’s happening in the Lt world – February 2021

What’s happening in the Lt world – February 2021

  • 4 Mar 21

Customer Success Manager Liam Farley provides an overview of recent releases to the Lt Platform.

Learn about:
  • The new Chemistry and Biology collections developed in partnership with Vernier® Science Education
  • Access to a beta version of the new endocrine lab
  • Requesting new content and language filtering in the Content Library
  • Greater keyboard accessibility
  • Filtering and searching staff accounts
  • Seeing what courses Course Administrators have access to

If you are new to Lt and want some more information you can...
  • Visit the Lt support site
  • Send questions through the feedback option within Lt (under your username)
  • Post on the Lt Community
  • Ask your ADI representative

Q & A Session

comment “Can you remind us of which LMS platforms are currently integrated and are there any plans to integrate other LMS platforms that are not currently integrated?”

We currently integrate with Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle.

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