What’s happening in the Lt world - October 2020

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Customer Success Manager, Liam Farley provides an overview of recent Lt releases, plus an update on upcoming events and new features for Lt.

Learn about:

  • The Understand Your Physiology Collection
  • Vernier Biology Collection in Lt
  • Our exciting new Lt sensors
  • Changes to the Lt platform
  • Sneak peek at our new upcoming Lt Analytics Dashboard
  • Details on the upcoming virtual Lt conference (Brain Trust)
  • Q & A session

Webinar Overview

If you're new to Lt and want some more information you can...

  1. Watch our previous webinars
  2. Visit the Lt support site
  3. Send questions through the feedback option within Lt (under your username)
  4. Post on the Lt Community
  5. Ask your ADI representative

New Content Collections

  • The Biology Collection in partnership with Vernier
    • Developed in partnership with Vernier, the collection features 19 interactive labs covering General Biology topics from enzyme action to photosynthesis.
    • Students can record data live into the Lt platform using Vernier's range of GoDirect sensors.
    • Learning is scaffolded with content that has been built with reference to biology-specific recommendations from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Bloom's taxonomy. Find out more »
    • Plus, hear about our upcoming Chemistry Collection!
  • Community translated lessons
    • There are many translated lessons available in the Lt Content Library. To view the most recent ones, you can visit the Lt releases page.

Lt Sensors

  • A cost-effective way for your students to quickly and easily record biosignals including ECG, EEG, EMG, and respiratory rate directly into Lt via USB.
  • Designed to be used with our Lt Sensor Human Physiology Collection, which includes 23 customizable lessons.
  • For more information and to register your interest check out our Lt Sensors webpage.

Changes to the Lt platform

  • Accessibility improvements such as tabbing and alternative text.
  • Performance improvements for increased Lt use. 
  • Using the 'Set for All Sections' option to set lesson availability for all sections.
  • For more detailed information please visit the Lt releases page.

Lt Analytics!

  • Sneak peek at the new Lt Analytics Dashboard that will be coming next month 
  • The new Lt analytics expands on the existing course dashboard and focuses on course, lesson, and student overview
  • Future milestones will look at exporting data and student, or question specific analytics

Virtual Lt Brain Trust 2020

  • 3rd-6th November
  • Hosted using Zoom
  • Registration emails will be sent in the coming weeks - stay tuned!

Q & A Session

comment Can the Lt Sensors work concurrently with PowerLab input in a lesson?

Unfortunately, this isn't a configuration that will be supported upon release.

comment  Are the new Lt analytics able to be exported into a report for individual courses and students?

Exporting analytics is not something that will be available in the first milestone release.

comment Lt Brain Trust for Europe will be late in the night, is this correct?

Yes, unfortunately not all timezones can be accommodated for in a single event. If there is interest we may have social Zoom meetings (not presentations) at more appropriate times for those regions that can’t attend the live events. Also, all presentations will be recorded and can be watched at your convenience.