May is Anatomy Month! Here's a sneak peek inside our up and coming Anatomy Collection for life science educators

30 Apr 2019


To kick off our Anatomy focus for May, we are very excited to give you a preview of Lt’s up-and-coming Anatomy Collection - a complete curriculum of ready-to-use lessons and labs for teaching human anatomy.

The Anatomy Collection is due for release in July-August 2019, but we'll be previewing the Collection at the HAPS conference in Portland this month. Visit us at Booth 501 to try it for yourself!

Created in partnership with ToLTech, world leaders in anatomy imagery, the Anatomy Collection includes rich and detailed histology and dissection imagery and video for teaching and assessments.

Here's a look inside the Collection:
(Warning - contains dissection imagery!)

  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection
  • Anatomy Collection

The full Anatomy Collection will explore a total of twelve body systems. We are looking to launch the Anatomy Collection this coming Summer - but you don't have to wait that long to try the Collection. Visit us on Booth 501 at the HAPS conference in Portland this month to try it out!

Preview the Anatomy Collection at HAPS

Anatomy Collection - HAPS preview teaching labs | Lt | ADInstruments          

Plus: Additional Body Systems for release in Summer 2019

Gastrointestinal System

Perform a fetal pig dissection, use models to identify internal and external structures in the gastrointestinal tract, examine histological images of the digestive tract.

Urinary/Renal System

Perform a kidney dissection, examine histological images of the urinary system.

Musculoskeletal System

Examine histological images of bones and cartilage, compare histological images of the three muscle types, identify skeletal muscles using models.

Reproductive System

Examine histological images of the ovaries and gonads, identify gross anatomy of the male and female reproductive system using models.

Endocrine System

Examine histological images of the endocrine system. 

Integumentary System

Examine histological images of the integumentary system.

Lymphatic and Immune System

Examine histological images of the lymphatic and immune system.


Examine histological images of different tissue types in the body.

More about the Anatomy Collection:

Anatomy content, ready to go!

Teach anatomy - ready to use curriculum A&P | Lt | ADInstruments

Engage students with rich media and material

Lt's full Anatomy Collection will explore twelve body systems with practical, hands-on labs and lessons covering dissection, histology, and model activities, as well as additional background information and tutorials.

These lessons provide a diverse and immersive learning experience by using a rich array of visual references and interactive resources so students can develop a complete anatomical framework of the human body.

  • Save time: A complete, ready-to-use anatomy lab curriculum aligned with the HAPS learning objectives
  • Modernizes your anatomy lab 
  • Customizable and editable: gives you total freedom to adapt the content to your needs
  • Increase student engagement with rich material and media to supplement time-tested instructional methods for teaching anatomy
  • Save on costs: Reduces the need for expensive lab material by giving your students dissection, histology, and anatomical model resources in an inexpensive and freely accessible online environment

Lt and ToLTech: A world-class partnership

We’ve been working in partnership with ToLTech, world leaders in anatomy imagery, to create the Anatomy Collection. This partnership ensures that our Anatomy Collection includes rich and detailed histology and dissection media for teaching and assessments. This includes anatomical model reviews, cadaveric dissection images, and non-cadaveric dissection videos and images. 

The Collection lets educators provide a modern and highly engaging lab experience to their students using rich digital resources that supplement (or even replace) traditional methods of teaching anatomy using dissection, histology, and anatomical models.

Give students a complete understanding of the human body

The Anatomy Collection combines with Lt's existing Physiology Collection to give educators a complete and comprehensive resource to teach students about both anatomy and physiology - giving students an in-depth knowledge of biological structure as well as function.

Delivered on our easy-to-use learning platform, Lt, these Collections mean that you can streamline and simplify your A&P teaching by using a single delivery platform. 

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Histology and Dissection Media:
Incorporated into the Collection are cadaveric dissection images, and non-cadaveric dissection images and videos to help instruct students in the dissection process, or as a substitute when materials are not available. Complete the lab experience with histological imagery and interactive media to bridge the micro and macro levels of learning anatomy.   

Conceptual Framework of Anatomical Relationships:
This Collection allows students to conceptualize anatomical relationships by linking anatomical structures to function. It also provides multiple visual references and interactive resources for developing an anatomical framework of the human body. All anatomical relationships are presented as directed by the HAPS learning objectives.

Virtual Interactivity with Hands-On Engagement:
Embedded in every lab and lesson are a diverse array of interactive assessments to reinforce student engagement in their learning process. They also include video and written instructions that guide students through an in-lab dissection and/or anatomical model review. Included is our ‘hotspot panel’ that lets students interact with histology images at different magnifications, and which you can use to focus their attention on specific anatomical layers and structures. 

Clinical Relevance:
After developing a framework of anatomical relationships, students can test their understanding as it relates to the clinical setting. Every lab and lesson has a ‘Clinical Integration’ section that tests students’ ability to apply their new learning to a relevant case study. 

Collections organized by Organ System:
Content in the collection is organized by organ system and includes lessons and labs covering multiple mediums for teaching anatomy. You can choose to use all of the content, or select from labs and lessons that center around instruction via dissection, anatomical models, or histology.

Student Autonomy:
Let your students take charge of their learning by giving them access to materials usually restricted to the lab setting. With the Anatomy Collection, students can review dissections, anatomical models, and histological content outside the lab without the need for lab equipment. They can easily reference their own lab work, notes, and relevant content as they prepare for lab practicals and exams.  

Ideal for Flipped Classrooms:
Using Lt as an online delivery platform means that you can easily use the Anatomy Collection's content for flipped classroom formats, or as a supplementary resource for students to access outside of class. Simply use or edit anything you need from the Collection, and/or add your own material. Students can access the material anywhere, anytime.

Professionally developed lessons

Lessons have been developed by our team of Instructional Designers in collaboration with ToLTech.
Labs are pedagogically designed to include model activities, histological slide observations, dissection and identification activities, human cadaver footage, and lots of questions for students to test their learning. 
Each media-rich lesson is designed to maximize student engagement and suit diverse learning styles, with a strong focus on student outcomes.
Use our lessons off the shelf or tailor any lesson to suit your curriculum and your teaching preferences. Lessons can be grouped and ordered per your course needs. 

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Customize our content to suit your teaching style

Because we appreciate that teaching preferences and class sizes vary, we have developed a wide range of rich multimedia course materials for educators to choose from and which you can customize and integrate with your own course content.

You can use our lessons as they are or tailor any lesson to suit your curriculum by choosing from the collection of videos, photos, illustrations, and histology images.

To make course creation easy we’ve separated the main components of an anatomy lab into separate lessons:
Dissection, Histology, and Model. You can choose for your students to work through these as they are, or you can select individual components to form a customized lab.

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Teach anatomy labs - deliver curriculum online | Lt | ADInstruments

We’re looking to launch our Anatomy Collection in July-August 2019, so please contact us if you have any questions or would like to try the Anatomy Collection anytime before then!

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