Hemodynamic Instability: Solving the invisible problem

Hemodynamic instability is the inability of the body to maintain consistent blood flow and pressure. Dr Aaron Phillips and his team have developed a prosthetic to reverse this invisible illness.

Deep Dive: The science behind the Neuroprosthetic Baroreflex

We spoke with Dr. Aaron Phillips about his Nature publications concerning artificially correcting hemodynamic instability following spinal cord injury, and how Kaha Telemetry helped him characterize cardiovascular regulation across multiple animal models.

Top 10 Cardiovascular Publications

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate 10 of our favorite cardiovascular publications from the past couple of years; exploring everything from robotics to stem cells to AI to genomics. Every step made here is a step toward not only better heart health, but a greater understanding of the heart itself.

Teach them a lesson they'll never forget! The Cold Pressor Test...

Use this free experimental protocol to have your students activate their sympathetic nervous system via the cold pressor test! Investigate the effect of cold water on blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse amplitude.

Lighting the 'science spark' by using Lt for assessment: "students love it!"

“I decided I was going to change this essay because it was just boring. It was what everybody had done forever and ever and ever.”

Research Insight | Professor Satoshi Koba: How the heart keeps up

How does the heart know whether or not you're exercising? Using optogenetics and Kaha telemetry, Professor Satoshi Koba and his team have unravelled the mystery.

Finding success through support

Dr Ilaria Pozzato, a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, worked with Nick, one of our Scientific Support Specialists, to set up her new lab and streamline her process for data acquisition.

Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Neurophysiology

Discover the benefits of wireless telemetry. Not sure where to start? Need help selecting the right telemeter? Download our free guide: Kaha Telemetry for Neurophysiology.

Talking Teaching: Key principles from Mind, Brain, and Education Science

Boost your teaching with evidence-based tips from this field, informed by principles from psychology, neuroscience, and educational pedagogy.

Using edtech to bridge first-year student knowledge gaps at the University of Champollion

We speak with Dr Arnaud Billet of the University of Champollion, who shares his observations on the changing nature of life science classrooms and how education technology can help lecturers improve student experiences.

Honoring Tony Macknight's legacy by supporting physiology education in Africa

ADInstruments is proud to support the East African Society of Physiological Sciences as they host their 1st EASPS and Special AAPS conference this year in Tanzania.

Supporting excellence in biology teaching: ADInstruments and ACUBE

ADInstruments is proud to support the Association of College and University Biology Educators (ACUBE). Learn more about our strategic alliance and how we are supporting excellence in biology teaching, including an annual award for education.

Managing complex data collection with Ilaria Pozzato

Dr Ilaria Pozzato looks at health holistically. “ My research was really influenced by my past life as a clinician,” she says “ I’ve always been fascinated by how people with similar injuries can have very different outcomes, and particularly how differences in people's physiology, and their...