Optogenetics Biopotential Telemeter

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The Kaha Sciences Optogenetics Biopotential telemeter from ADInstruments is the first fully implantable, wireless optogenetic solution to offer both optogenetic stimulation and recording (EEG, ECG, and EMG) within the same device.

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The Kaha Sciences Optogenetics Biopotential Telemeter from ADInstruments is the first fully implantable, wireless optogenetic solution to offer both optogenetic stimulation and recording (EEG, ECG, and EMG) within the same device.

Designed for use in rats, the Optogenetics Biopotential Telemeter is an ideal solution for chronic and therapeutic research applications including heart pacing, seizure suppression, and reducing abnormal motor symptoms, without the restrictions of battery power and tethers.

A 35 cm fiber optic allows for direct placement of the stimulating blue light (460nm) at target cells while the biopotential signal measures the potential difference between the pair of 25 cm coiled electrode leads. The telemeter weighs approximately 12g.

Key Features

  • Suitable for use in rats >175g

  • Fully implantable - No tethers

  • Reusable telemeters encased in durable, biocompatible hard-shell

  • Simultaneous biopotential recording (e.g. ECG, EEG or EMG) and Blue LED (460nm) light stimulation

  • Completely software controlled, user-defined stimulation parameters

  • Powered by the SmartPad using patented wireless inductive technology, supporting continuous recording at high sampling rates (2kHz) for extended periods

  • Data transmission range up to 5 meters using battery backup

  • Cohousing feature enables two rats in the same cage or single rat (>350g) implanted with two telemeters for extended signal recording options

Simple and Customizable Telemetry System Setup

Configure a Kaha Sciences Rat telemetry system to meet your exact research needs. A typical telemetry setup requires one telemeter of your choice and one SmartPad per animal. Each laboratory will just require one Configurator in order to configure all your Kaha equipment.

  1. Select and pair transmission frequencies between SmartPads and their Telemeters using Configurator.
  2. Surgically implant the Telemeter.
  3. Connect the SmartPad to a PowerLab and/or Instrument Interface via BNC.

You are then ready to analyze your data using LabChart 8 or LabChart Lightning.

Configure a system to meet your exact needs

Biopotential Telemeter


One SmartPad
per animal


One Configurator
per lab



An additional advantage of a Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry System is the cohousing feature:

  • Allows two rats (>175g), each implanted with one telemeter, to be housed together in a single cage to reduce stress of single housing and lab space requirements, or
  • Two telemeters implanted in one animal (>350g), allowing the measurement of up to four physiological signals (e.g. Optical stimulation + EEG and brain tissue oxygen).

With Cohousing, the system continues to regulate the power supplied to both telemeters seamlessly while collecting continuous data with the expected accuracy and quality. Cohousing still requires one SmartPad per telemeter, as well as a Configurator System for the laboratory.

Existing systems can be upgraded to use the Cohousing feature without the need to purchase additional hardware. Cohousing also requires ConfigSoft software version 3.0 or later.

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Required Products

Advantages of Telemetry Based Optogenetics

Conscious Collect data from conscious animals and perform cognitive and behavioral studies not possible under anesthesia.
Unrestrained Perform studies on animals in their home cage without the stress of handling or tethers.
Long-term Offers truly chronic recording over days, weeks, or months. Develop stimulation protocols while studying biological rhythms and follow the development of pathology as it occurs.
Fully Implantable Full surgical implantation of telemeters ensures there are no exposed wounds or sites for possible infections, improving animal welfare.

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Benefits of Kaha Rat Telemeters

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  • Powered by the SmartPad using patented wireless inductive technology, providing higher quality sampling rates (2 kHz) for superior data quality and the opportunity for long-term studies (weeks to months)

  • Supports unique signal acquisition including tissue oxygen, SNA, and optogenetics

  • Pressure sensors incorporate Millar Mikro-TipTM catheter technology for unparalleled signal quality in a telemetry system

  • Data transmission range up to 5 meters with battery backup and in vivo recharging allows for experimental scenarios where a greater range of movement is required e.g. water maze behavioural studies.

  • Optogenetics telemeter offers a wide range of user controlled stimulation patterns

  • Single implant allows biopotential recording during optogenetics stimulation

  • Reusable telemeters - clean, sterilize, implant

  • Cohousing feature enables two rats in the same cage or single rat (>350g) implanted with two telemeters for extended signal recording options

  • All implants provide improved animal welfare by allowing the subject to move freely within the cage with no tethers, a cohousing option to reduce stress of single housing, reduced probability of infection, and fully software controlled to reduce handling/impact of stress. Find out more about the benefits of telemetry.


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Animal Telemetry


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Details and Tech Specs


Temperature operating range 8 to 41 degrees Celsius
Sampling frequency 2 kHz
Low Pass filter cut-off frequency (SmartPad) 1 kHz
Transmission range Up to 5 m (may depend on laboratory environment)
Transmitted signal 2.4 GHz, fully digital
Transmission frequencies 40 available, configured by user
Minimum rat weight 175 g
Outer material Biocompatible hard-shell (liquid crystal polymer)
Weight 12g
Dimensions 31.5 x 24 x 11 mm
Battery life Continuous charging on SmartPad. Out of SmartPad charging field, battery life is ~4 hrs.
Recharge time 3 hours minimum
Power On-off Activation by SmartPad & deactivation by Configurator System.
Optical fibre 35 cm length, Silica core with Tefzel (ETFE)
Optical fibre diameter 200 µm (glass core only)
Minimum bend radius 5mm (breakpoint radius <3mm)
Light wavelength 460 nm (blue)
Light power ≥1.0  mW
Light intensity ≥30 mW/mm2
Biopotential input range ±2 mV
Biopotential resolution 12 bit A/D
Biopotential high pass characteristics AC coupled, single pole, -3dB point at 0.7 Hz
Biopotential lead wires 25 cm length, coiled stainless steel (1 pair)
Biopotential lead wire diameter 1 mm
Calibration Pre-calibrated
Analog output calibration value Biopotential: 2V output = 0mV input, 4V output = 2 mV input
Temperature: 0V output = 0℃, 1V output = 20℃

Optogenetics Telemeter Hardware Compatibility

SmartPad TR181 Serial numbers 13558 and onwards
Configurator TR190 Serial numbers 12313 and onwards

Product Code

Optogenetics Biopotential Telemeter
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