Pressure Signal Conditioner

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The Pressure Signal Conditioner is a two-channel amplifier/interface unit for connecting one or two Millar Mikro-Tip catheters. The unit analog output signal level of 1V/100 mmHg is compatible with any PowerLab.

To connect each of the pressure outputs to the PowerLab inputs, two BNC to Audio plugs (6.5 mm (1/4"), 2m) need to be purchased separately. Millar pressure catheters also require a Viking connector or low-profile connector Interface Cable for use with the Pressure Signal Conditioner.


This Pressure Signal Conditioner is not currently available in Great Britain / Europe. Please contact your nearest ADInstruments Representative for further information. 


Research Applications

Invasive Blood Pressure
Cardiovascular Hemodynamics
Wired Physiological Monitoring
Human Exercise Physiology
Invasive Blood Pressure
Human Cardiovascular
Respiratory Pressure
Human Respiratory
Human Sleep Studies


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Details and Tech Specs

Product Code

Pressure Signal Conditioner Unit (2 Channel)



Operating System Recommended Hardware Alternate Hardware
LabChart Lightning Windows / Mac PowerLab C + Instrument Interface Traditional PowerLab
LabChart 8 Windows / Mac PowerLab C + Instrument Interface Traditional PowerLab
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