Creating Lt Drag and Drop Panels

The Drag and Drop panel allows you to ask students questions that involve dragging and dropping answers onto defined locations on an image.

To add a Drag and Drop panel, select PANELS from the footer and then select Questions.

Drag and drop the panel to wherever you like on the page.

Insert your question by selecting Edit (or selecting the panel itself) and typing in the (enter question) area. 

Once the panel is in Edit mode, it is possible to add an image to the panel. You can drag and drop an image onto the panel, or select Add Image from the panel properties in the footer.


The maximum file size for an image is 5 MB, with JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF file types all supported. Once you have uploaded an image, you are able to add copyright information to this image using the copyright button . To change the image, simply select Change Image from the panel properties. To download a picture present in a Drag and Drop panel, select from the panel properties.

Once an image has been added, labels and label locations can be added using Label and Location, respectively. To edit labels, click the blank label which reads (Click me to edit my text). Multiple labels and locations can be added and dragged into position on the image. You can remove a label or location by selecting the cross marker in the top right hand corner of the label/location box.

If you need to resize the label/location boxes, select Resize and drag a single label/location box to the correct size. Note that this will alter the size of all label/location boxes within the panel. To exit resize mode, select Exit Resize.

To provide the correct answer, select the desired assessment type, then Set Answer. Next, drag and drop the labels onto their correct locations. (This is also how a student will answer this type of question). Note that not every label needs to be matched to a label location. If you wish to clear your model answer, select Clear Answer. Once you are happy with your labels, locations, and model answers, select Exit Answer. 

You can always adjust the answer by selecting Edit Answer and following the same process. Once you are happy with your question and model answer, select Done.