Granting Extensions in Lt

Sometimes you may have "closed" a lesson for grading (by committing all student work) but you wish to grant an extension to a particular student to allow them to continue working within the lesson. In this case, you can "grant an extension" to unlock the lesson for that student. Granting an extension will clear all grading and feedback that may have been already entered for that student. The student must complete and recommit their work in order to be regraded.

You can grant an extension by navigating to Student Work > Module/Lesson > Student Progress, then search for the student, select their name, and select Grant Extension.

If all students require extensions, navigate through the Availability tab, then select Make Available to All (this effectively reverses the Commit Lesson feature).

You can then reset a new automatic commit time for the future, or manually commit all lessons using the Commit Lesson or Commit All Sections button at the time you determine.