Getting Started with the C Series Front End Interface

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Our step-by-step guide to setting up the C Series Front-End Interface.


Our Research Product Manager, Sebastian White, demonstrates how to get started with a stand-alone C Series Front End Interface.

The Front End Interface can convert any of our existing range of Front End devices to a C series device. The C Series Front End Interface can be connected to the PowerLab C as part of a larger system, or can simply be connected directly to a modern PC.

In this video, Sebastian will be using the dual BioAmp as an example front-end device. However, the C Series Front End Interface supports all one, two and four-channel front-end devices in a stand-alone mode. In addition, the C Series Front End Interface also supports eight-channel front ends with the PowerLab C.

Equipment Required:
  1. C Series Front End Interface.
  2. Front End Device - BioAmp in this example.
  3. USB-C cable. 
  4. Computer with LabChart Software installed

Hardware Set-Up:
  1. Connect the analog cable into the rear of your Bio Amp using a one, two, four or eight-channel cable.
  2. Plug the other end of your cable into the analog I/O port on the back of the Front End Interface.
  3. Connect the Front End Interface into the back of your Bio Amp and tighten the screws to secure.
  4. Connect the USB-C cable from the back of the C Series Front End Interface to your PC. 
  5. The status LED on your Bio Amp should flash, indicating that it is powered but not yet connected to LabChart. Please note that other Front End devices may have different behavior here.
  6. You can now connect your Bio Amp up to a subject.

Software Set-Up:
  1. Launch your LabChart software.
  2. The Front End Interface will be automatically detected within LabChart in Windows or Mac.
  3. The status LED on your BioAmp should now be solid green, indicating it has been detected by LabChart. 
  4. All hardware settings are available in the input amplifier in the channel dropdown. The options provided are specific to the Front End device you are using. Similar options are available in LabChart Lightning.

Your simple C series set-up is now complete. For more complex research needs, find out how to scale up your C series set-up here.

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