PowerLab C Masterclass - Understanding how the PowerLab C works

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In this ADInstruments webinar, join our Scientific Support Specialist, Nick Mackovski, as he walks you through understanding how the PowerLab C works, and why a modular system is the future of data acquisition.

Key Topics:

  • Introducing PowerLab C: Overview of the PowerLab C and C Series interfaces.
  • Comparisons: How does it compare to the other PowerLabs?
  • USB Connections: Understanding USB-C and USB-PD.
  • Compatibility: PowerLab C and C series compatible devices, and backwards compatibility.
  • Live demonstration: Nick shows how easily the C series components can be connected together.


Scientific Support Specialist, Nick Mackovski, explores how the PowerLab C provides unparalleled flexibility for researchers looking to invest in customizable, reliable solutions for both now, and in the future. This highly modular redesign of the classic allows you the flexibility to adapt your PowerLab setup to fit your specific research needs. PowerLab C, and the C-series interfaces, ensure analog compatibility while planning for the future with modern digital architecture and sub-microsecond synchronization between devices. Each device has full functionality in LabChart 8 and LabChart Lightning, just plug it into your laptop and go.

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PowerLab C

PowerLab C is our latest data acquisition device based on modern digital technology. Sitting at the heart of our new research system, PowerLab C is designed to connect our next-generation C Series digital devices with advanced sub-microsecond time synchronization.
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