How to invite Students to Lt

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How to add and remove students from your course (individually or in bulk), edit their details, manage student sections, and send invitation emails.

How to add students to your course

To add students to your course, select Student Accounts. Here you have the option to invite students individually or via a CSV file. Note that student accounts can also be managed via an LMS integration. For more details on this, contact your local ADInstruments representative.

Even if no content is available to students, you can still add students to a course. You simply do not send them an invitation email. This allows you to set up students into sections. For example, if you want to have different laboratory streams.


How to add students via a CSV file

To create student accounts via a CSV file, select import. To see the correct format for the CSV file, select Help.
Once you are confident that your CSV file is formatted correctly, select Browse to locate and open the CSV file from your computer.

A prompt will let you know how many students will be added to your course and if any new sections will be created.

! Importantly, if you are not ready for students to receive an invitation email, deselect the checkbox for Send student invite emails now.

This allows you time to inform students of the upcoming invitation to Lt, as well as time to develop and make the content available to students. When you are ready to add student accounts, select Import.


How to view and edit student details

Select a student to view and edit their details. For example, if you want to change their name or move a student into a different section. The student’s status can either be active, when the student has accepted the invitation to Lt, or pending - when the invitation emails are yet to be sent or accepted.


How to remove students from a course

To remove students from a course, either select Delete in the student details. For bulk deletion, select the checkbox next to those students you wish to remove and select Delete. Refresh the page to see the updated student accounts. 


How to restore a student account once deleted

If you accidentally delete a student, don’t worry! Simply select the cog icon, and select deleted accounts. Select the checkboxes next to the accidentally deleted student and select Restore


How to create a new section

To view, edit, or create new sections of students, select the cog icon, and select Manage Sections
! If you import a CSV file that already has students in sections, these will be automatically created for you.

To create a new section, select New. Select a section to rename or delete it.


How to add new students who have enrolled late to your course

Need to invite a student who enrolled late to your course? If there is an updated student list with their details, you can simply import this updated CSV file. Lt will only add new students, updated students, and restore any deleted students. 


How to add students individually

Remember to deselect the option to send invitation emails if you are not yet ready to do so. If a student is not on the CSV file, you can add them individually. 
You can also invite yourself, or other staff members, as a student. However, doing so will add to the total number of active students in your instance. 

To add a student individually, select the cog icon, and select Add student. Enter their relevant details and, deselect send invite email if you are not yet ready for students to have access to your course, then select Add.

If you now refresh the page, you will see a drop-down menu has appeared next to the course name. Select this to change whether you view the course as an administrator or as an enrolled student. 


How to invite students to a course

When you are ready to send invitation emails to students, select the cog icon, choose Send invites, and select Send

If a student claims to have not received an invitation email, find and select their account and select Send invite.


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