New in Lt: Improved Data and Scope Panels

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Make science even easier with improved Data Sampling in Lt

We know that smooth, accurate data collection is crucial in your teaching lab. To optimize the teaching and learning journey within Lt, we are pleased to introduce several Data and Scope panel updates that enhance the user experience for students. Watch as Tim, our Instructional Design Specialist, walks you through the changes:

  • Full Screen Sampling: Delve deeper into data analysis with a distraction-free full screen mode.
  • Improved Rendering Performance: Enjoy smoother interactions with your data and quicker response times for seamless navigation.
  • Enhanced Scrolling Experience: Effortlessly scroll through your data with smoother flick scrolling and inertia.
  • Clearer y-axis Display: Improved readability with enhanced formatting for numbers in scientific notation.
  • Modernized Visual Design: A refreshed interface for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Data Panel Live Autoscale: Watch your data adapt dynamically for optimal visibility and comprehension.
  • Scope Panel Graticules: Gain deeper insights with enhanced grid lines for precise analysis.
  • Enhanced Data Trace Overlay in Scope: Seamlessly compare and analyze data with improved trace overlays.

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Sample data with Lt Sensors

A photo taken from over the shoulders of two students. The students are wearing white labcoats and seated at a table in a lab environment. The student on the left is pointing at data on the screen of a laptop on the table. The student on the right has their forearms lying upturned on the table and they are connected to a Biopotential Sensor and a Finger Pulse Sensor.

Lt Sensors let your students collect powerful, accurate data and become successful graduates. These Sensors connect directly to Lt through the USB connection on your Windows-based laptop or desktop computer.

Students use the Lt Sensors to record and analyze their own physiological signals in real time, including ECG/EKG, EEG, EMG, EOG, respiratory rate, and finger pulse. This active engagement helps students to quickly grasp and understand core physiological concepts in Lt’s Human Physiology Labs.

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