Webinar: Your Lt Questions Answered (Australia & NZ)

Webinar: Your Lt Questions Answered (Australia & NZ)

  • 25 May 20

Customer Success Manager, Liam Farley answers questions raised by Lt users.

Learn about:

  • Designing MCQ's with multiple correct answers
  • Grading improvements
  • Fast drag authoring
  • Tables and spreadsheets
  • Publishing lessons and/or modules

Workshop Overview

Where to go for help with Lt

Questions answered

  • Is it possible to set up multiple correct answers for a multiple-choice question?
  • How does automatic grading work if we were to have some lessons as automatically graded by Lt? How does one access the analytics/metrics/individual scores?
  • Can you explain the difference between tables and spreadsheets, table questions and spreadsheet questions?

New features in Lt

  • Grading progress indicators
  • Sort students by name in grading interface

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