Webinar: Your Lt Questions Answered (North America)

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Customer Success Manager, Arianna Boulet answers questions raised by Lt users.

Learn about:

  • Data acquisition and Lt
  • Copying tables from MS Word into Lt
  • Options for remote labs in Lt
  • Grading in Lt
  • New Lt features!

Workshop Overview

Where to go for help with Lt

Questions answered

  • Is it possible to incorporate 'live data' gathered from the lab to the students in real time?
  • Can I copy and paste a full table from Word or do I have to copy and paste into the Lt table panel?
  • What options are there for remote labs?
  • What is the difference between autograded vs manual graded vs non-assessed questions, and how do I set up a lesson with graded questions?
  • How can I combine two Lt lessons?
  • How do I direct students straight from their LMS to Lt?
  • Can we save and import our own data to be analyzed by students?
    Answered Live. Yes, if the data is able to be imported into LabChart it can then be added to Lt. See the previous webinar on this topic here.

New features in Lt

  • Model answers linked from Lt grading area
  • Merging of kuraGrading and PDF grading
  • Non-assessment grading option
  • Students can comment in example data
  • Grading by question rather than student