Spirometry Extension: How to Calibrate Respiratory Flow

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This video details how to calibrate your respiratory flow using LabChart's Spirometry extension.

The Spirometry extension is a free software analysis tool for LabChart users that is ideal for researchers working on respiratory studies in both human and animal subjects.

Spirometers are precision differential pressure transducers that are used with a PowerLab for measurements of respiratory flow rates. One of the key advantages to using LabChart in parallel with this equipment is the settings option in the free Spirometry Extension. Spirometry is a LabChart extension used to derive a number of respiratory parameters based on flow and volume including VE, VT, frequency, PIF, PEF, FVC and FEV1. Spirometry Extension provides users with a range of software presets and environmental variables that will save you the trouble of a manual calibration. Participate in this short session led by David Riem and learn how to optimize your respiratory flow studies.

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How to download the Spirometry extension:

You can download the Spirometry extension for free using the feature manager in LabChart, or follow the links below:

Spirometry for Windows
Spirometry (LabChart 8) for Mac

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