Webinar: Future-proofing ex-vivo perfusion – updated approaches to historical principles

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Step into the world of cardiac research evolution with Dr Melanie White. Join our guest speaker, as she explores the remarkable evolution of Langendorff retrograde principles.


During this webinar, witness the evolution of retrograde perfusion systems, guided by Melanie's two decades of experience, transitioning from gravity-assisted setups to advanced benchtop solutions. Discover the intersection of tradition and innovation, including ADInstruments' Rodent Langendorff Apparatus, aligning with modern approaches like high-resolution mass spectrometry. Melanie will unveil adaptations for precision, ensuring historical principles meet cutting-edge methodologies, offering limitless possibilities for the future of cardiac research.         

Key Highlights:

  • Investigate how the advancements discussed in the webinar can be applied to real-world scenarios, potentially revolutionizing cardiac research and disease treatment strategies.
  • Explore how historical Langendorff principles are integrated with modern techniques for precise analysis of cardiac physiology.
  • Discover how modern cardiac perfusion methods can be integrated with downstream high-resolution techniques, including liquid chromatography tandem-mass spectrometry.


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About the speaker:


Dr Melanie White (FAHA)        
Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney     
Dr Melanie White leads the Cardiometabolic Proteomics group at the prestigious Charles Perkins Centre, the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on unraveling molecular changes in the heart in response to acute and chronic disease states, utilizing retrograde ex-vivo Langendorff perfusion. Melanie specializes in applying mass spectrometry to investigate protein, metabolite, and lipid profile changes in these disease systems. She is renowned for her work in developing small animal models of disease, pre-clinical imaging, and histology. Melanie's impressive accolades include fellowships from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australian Research Council (ARC), and the Heart Foundation. She is a fellow of the American Heart Association (FAHA) and on the executive committee of the Australian Proteomics Society (APS).