ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Apparatus

ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Apparatus

Product Code ML268

The ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Apparatus is relatively compact yet modular, which provides flexibility when configuring various isolated heart experimental solutions. This high-quality stainless steel and borosilicate glass apparatus includes an ADInstruments Direct Perfusion Core, which allows recirculation and reoxygenation of perfusate after priming of the apparatus, and measurements to be made close to the cannulated heart.

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The ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Apparatus is a modular and compact unit, ideal for retrograde perfusion of isolated rodent hearts (mice, rats, guinea pigs, and small rabbits). Its design provides greater flexibility when configuring the overall solution. Simplify your set-up by removing unused items (single reservoir design). Easily increase the complexity or upgrade your apparatus to match your experimental needs, such as adding a recirculating option. Please consult your local sales representative for more information.

An easy to install and use RoHS-compliant apparatus that has corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel base and support rods, and double-walled, borosilicate glassware that provides clear visualization of the entire perfusate pathway for detecting air bubbles or any other contaminants.

ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Direct Perfusion Core

Take advantage of the Direct Perfusion Core, unique to the ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Apparatus. The Direct Perfusion Core features a double-walled central design that integrates several features into one, including: 

  • An inner glass spiral for heat exchange
  • A bubble trap compliance chamber for trapping any air bubbles and with a damping syringe reduces pressure oscillations due to a pump
  • An overflow outlet that allows for buffer re-oxygenation during any waiting time
  • Four side ports, which are positioned to allow measurements to be made closer to the heart
  • Different side port couplers for inserting different compatible sensor types
  • A bottom locking luer outlet that provides a direct and secure attachment to an aortic cannula tip, while maintaining easy interchangeability  


  • Steel Base and two Stainless Steel Support Rod (24”)
  • Two 1.0 L Water Jacketed Reservoirs and Oxygenating Bubblers with Inlet
  • Reservoir Filling Funnel
  • ADInstruments Direct Perfusion Core and Heart Chamber Lid
  • Hi-Tech Heart Chamber (Small)
    • Apical Force Pulley Assembly and Assembly Wire
    • Female (24 mm) Port to Luer Adapter
  • Four different sizes of Aortic Cannula Tips
  • Ring Clamps, six Universal Stand Clamp (Stainless Steel) and one Universal Stand Clamp (Nylon)
  • Stand Base Spill Tray (3 Rod)
  • 20 mL Damping Syringe
  • Tubing Adapter Kit
  • Tubing and accessories

This unit is also available as part of the PowerLab C Rodent Langendorff Foundation System. Alternatively, other Langendorff apparatuses (constant perfusion pressure or flow) and systems are also available, including ones for larger animal hearts.


Research Applications

Cardiovascular Isolated Heart Systems
In Vitro Pharmacology + Isolated Tissue and Organs
Working Heart
Cardiovascular Isolated Heart Systems
In Vitro Pharmacology + Isolated Tissue and Organs
Isolated Organ
In Vitro Pharmacology + Isolated Tissue and Organs

Key Features

  • Modular construction enables easy updating/substitution of various components
    • Reservoir size
    • Heart chamber size
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel base and supports
  • High-quality glassware that is easy to clean and may be autoclavable, while providing clear and easy inspection of the perfusion circuit at all times
  • Seamless switching between two 1-liter reservoirs
    • Prevents oxygenated and temperature-controlled buffer from running out
    • Allows switching between two different solutions
  • Tested water-jacketed perfusion circuit that prevents heat loss and maintains uniform temperature
  • Effective heating that shortens the perfusate travel time from the reservoir outlet to the heart, even at low flow rates
  • Fine controlled and uniform buffer gassing in the reservoirs
  • High-quality Tygon tubing that prevents degassing of the perfusate
  • A sturdy spill tray that drains away spills and other fluid messes 


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ADInstruments Rodent Langendorff Apparatus

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