Five Unique Neuroscience Applications Using Telemetry

Kaha Sciences fully implantable rat and mouse telemetry solutions combine state of the art technologies to provide unrivaled accuracy and long-term recording in neuroscience research.

With options to measure physiological pressures, biopotentials, sympathetic nerve activity, and tissue oxygen concentrations, 24/7 over the course of your experiment - Kaha Sciences telemeters allow you to measure a range of physiological signals to meet your research needs.

Below we have outlined some unique neuroscience applications using Kaha Sciences telemeters, plus some of the benefits they provide over other available technologies.

Intracranial Pressure

Kaha Sciences rat pressure telemeters use the Millar Mikro-Tip® solid-state sensor technology, at the catheter tip to accurately measure small pressures, repeatably and with high fidelity. The 2 Fr (0.66 mm) sensor can be implanted in the epidural or subdural space for measurement of intracranial pressure. Telemeters are available with single 25cm catheters (TRM54P), dual catheters (TRM54PP), or in combination with a biopotential channel (TRM54PB).

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ICP Signal | LabChart

Intracranial pressure recording using the Pressure Telemeter in LabChart Lightning.


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Monitoring pathophysiological activity, such as epileptic seizure, in vivo has traditionally been challenging due to the spontaneous nature of the condition. Kaha Sciences’ innovative use of wireless power technology has removed the compromise of battery-life to allow users to record continuously at a high sampling rate (2kHz) over long-term experiments.

The reusable rat biopotential telemeters give users the option to record a single EEG channel (TR50B) or combine EEG and nuchal EMG recordings (TR50BB), while our mouse telemeters (MT10B) allow the recording of EEG along with activity. The ability to record continuously ensures that more data is captured and fewer seizure events are missed.

EEG Seizure Activity | LabChart


Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

The ability to capture data in real-time, 24/7 is invaluable in studying normal physiological rhythms over long experimental time courses. Using the Kaha Sciences rat (TR50B and TR50BB) and mouse (MT10B) biopotential telemeters it’s possible to record EEG or EMG and identify different stages in the sleep/wake cycle.

Alternatively, users can benefit from the full range of Kaha telemeters to investigate ultradian or circadian rhythms in physiological parameters and how these might change in disease.

Sleep EEG and EMG recording


Tissue oxygen

The TR57Y tissue oxygen telemeter is the only device available on the market that can measure long-term tissue oxygen concentration from conscious rats, in real-time. The telemeter uses a stable carbon paste electrode and can measure local ischemia and tissue metabolic activity in the brain or kidney. Combined with our wireless power technology researchers have been able to assess circadian variability in kidney tissue oxygen thanks to the ability to record 24/7.

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Tissue Oxygen Telemetry | LabChart

 Kidney tissue oxygen measurement using the Tissue Oxygen Telemeter in LabChart Lightning.


Sympathetic Nerve Activity (SNA)

The TRM56SP telemeters allow users to simultaneously record SNA and blood pressure to give an insight into the autonomic control of cardiovascular physiology. The input range of the SNA leads is ±60µV making it ideal for activity recording from fine, peripheral autonomic nerves studies in studies of stress, cardiovascular control and the development of hypertension.

SNA Activity + BP Telemetry | LabChart

Sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) and Blood pressure (BP) recordings using the TRM56SP telemeter in LabChart Lightning.


For more information about Kaha Sciences telemeters, or to discuss your specific research application please contact your nearest ADInstruments support representative.

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