Show me the Money! Scholarships and Awards for Life Science Researchers and Educators

They say money can't buy happiness, but we’ve all felt that excitement of walking down the street when the glint of something shiny on the footpath catches your eye. You stop mid step to take a closer look - hoping you’ve won the jackpot... $1 - not quite enough to pay off that student loan or mortgage, but better than nothing right?

Unfortunately - scouring the streets for dropped coins probably isn’t the best use of your time if your needing a bit of extra cash.

Hard work pays off

Luckily, there are a number of government and private organizations out there, who are willing to help out individuals in their life endeavors - whether it be a scholarship to help pay for education, or funding for research.

We at ADInstruments, are proud to support and commend some of the amazing work being carried out by life science educators and researchers all over the globe. Check out the list below highlighting a number of different scholarships and awards that we support, for both emerging and established researchers and educators!

Education Scholarships and Awards

The ADInstruments Macknight Early Career Innovative Educator Award

Established in 2011, this award is given annually to an American Physiological Society (APS) member who demonstrates the greatest potential for incorporating innovative teaching techniques and effectively utilizing technology resources in engaging undergraduate students in physiology education.

Who can apply? An APS member of the Teaching Section who has received their first faculty appointment within the last 15 years. Click here for more information on the rules and regulations.

Award amount: $1,500 honorarium, $2,000 travel grant and complimentary registration to attend Experimental Biology (EB), and an institutional grant.

Application deadline: December 1st

Check out our previous winners!
Dr. Ed Merritt - 2019
Dr. Katherine Wilkinson - 2017

Ed Merritt - 2019 winner

Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship Award

This award is presented to an established investigator with a history of excellence in education, who is making outstanding contributions to teaching and learning.

Who can apply? The educator may be an APS member (self nomination permitted) or a non-member nominated by a member.

Mary Pat Wenderoth - 2019 winner

Award amount: $1,000 honorarium, and complimentary registration and travel expenses (up to $2,000) for the awardee to attend the APS annual meeting at EB.

Application deadline: Currently not available - see the APS awards page for up to date info.

Previous Winners:
Dr. Mary Pat Wenderoth - 2019
Dr. Jeffrey Karpicke - 2017

The Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Awards

These scholarship are awarded annually to members of Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) who demonstrate the innovative use of technology to engage undergraduates in Human Anatomy and Physiology.

Who can apply? Members of the HAPS society who are actively engaged in anatomy and physiology undergraduate education.

Award amount: Up to $500 to attend the annual HAPS meeting. There are three awards available.

Application deadline: January - see the HAPS page for more info.

2018 Winners
2017 Winners

Resources for Educators: The HAPS Anatomy Learning Outcomes
Free Images: 10 free high-quality anatomy images for educators to download and use!
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Sam Drogo

Invertebrate Neurophysiology Educator Scholarships – CrawFly Workshop

ADInstruments and the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University, co-host a 5 day hands-on workshop for higher education life science instructors seeking to expand their curriculum reach in the neurosciences. These scholarships are for current or future educators who want to learn how to implement exercises using invertebrates in neuroscience teaching laboratories. 

Who can apply? Current or future educators interested in the use of invertebrates in neuroscience teaching labs who are wanting to attend a CrawFly workshop.

Award amount: Travel stipend and complimentary registration at any ADInstruments sponsored neuroscience educator workshop.

Application deadline: Subject to change - see our workshops page for upcoming workshops.

Research Awards

Annual Delsys Prize

Established in 2003 by Professor Carlo J. De Luca, the Delsys Prize promotes innovative uses of Electromyography, recognizing advancements in the understanding, techniques/technologies or applications of the Electromyographic signal. Find out more.

Who can apply? Anyone with an interest in Electromyography!

Award amount: A $ 3,000 (US) monetary award, a NeuroMap System with x2 Trigno™ Galileo Sensors, x6 Trigno™ Avanti Sensors, NeuroMap Software, EMGworks® Software by Delsys Inc. The winner will also recieve a LabChart Analysis software license, including the Trigno™ device enabler for direct data streaming.

Application deadline: Submissions accepted between April and September each year.

Previous Winners:
Dr. Tjeerd Boonstra - 2018
Dr. Max Ortiz Catalan - 2016

Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán (2016 winner).

APS Section Awards at Experimental Biology

Detailed information regarding the rules and regulations of the following awards, will be made available on the EB website closer to the meeting date.

Physiological Genomics Group Awards

Distinguished Lectureship Award
This award recognizes an established investigator who has made outstanding contributions to the field of Physiological Genomics.

New Investigator Award
This award recognizes an outstanding early career investigator who has authored publications in Physiological Genomics in the the previous year.

Respiration Section Awards

Outstanding Trainee Award
This award recognizes an outstanding postdoctoral trainee who submitted their abstract to an APS Respiration Section topic at EB and has made meritorious contributions to this section.

New Investigator Award
Recognizes an outstanding investigator in the early stages of his/her career, who has made meritorious contributions to the area represented by the Respiration Section.

Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section (NCAR) Awards

Michael J. Brody Young Investigator Award
This award recognizes a promising young investigator who has made a significant research contribution to the understanding of neural control and autonomic regulation.

New Investigator Award
Recognizes an outstanding investigator in the early stage of their independent career, who has made meritorious contributions to the area represented within the NCAR Section.

Cardiovascular Section Awards

New Investigator Award
This award recognizes an outstanding investigator in the early stages of their career who has made meritorious contributions to the scientific areas represented by the Cardiovascular Section of the APS.

Looking for more?

The APS provides more than $1 million in grants and awards each year as part of their mission to spotlight excellence in physiological research and education. Make sure you check out the APS Awards page for addtional awards and grants available for ResearchersEducators and Trainees!