Lt Latest May 2022

New feature alert: With a couple of clicks, a new course can be scheduled and ready for your students. Sit back and let our new Scheduling Interface do all the heavy lifting! Plus, learn about changes to copied and archived courses, and the new Auto Scale button.

Lt wins the Online Learning Innovation Award from EdTech Breakthrough!

Learn how you can use our online learning platform, Lt, to create innnovative course designs and engage your students in active learning.

Congratulations to Dr. Ahmed Wafi, winner of the 2022 ADInstruments Macknight Innovative Educator Award!

Dr. Ahmed Wafi has won the 2022 ADInstruments Macknight Innovative Educator Award, which he will use to teach physiology to medical students at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia.

Lt Latest April 2022

Learn about new content in Lt, including new Practice Logs for nursing students, updates to our Cockroach Sensory Nerve Lab, and improved gas collection protocols.

New for Biology Educators: Take a look inside the CRISPR Lab....

Take a look inside this innovative lab that brings cutting-edge molecular biology techniques to your classroom.

PCR, CRISPR, ELISA and more! Bio-Rad kits expand the Lt Biology Collection

Make learning relevant for students with our new online biology labs in Lt. Engage your classes in interactive activities like polymerase chain reaction (PCR), CRISPR, ELISA, and SDS-PAGE analysis, using kits from Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Lt wins at the 2022 EdTech Awards!

Lt was a finalist or winner in 3 categories at the 2022 EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest!

Lt Latest March 2022

Learn about new features in Lt, including our new integration with D2L Brightspace, and updates to our Diving Response Module!

Tired of teaching: What is teacher burnout and how can it be managed?

Are you tired of teaching? Learn about burnout and burnout symptoms, as well as suggestions for recovery.

Lt Latest February 2022

Learn about new features in Lt, including improvements to grading, LMS integration, UX, course scheduling, and accessibility.

Powerful data: How Dr. Bridget Ford nurtures curious students using Lt’s online physiology labs

Dr. Bridget Ford shares her experience of using Lt’s online physiology labs to engage students in introductory anatomy and physiology courses.

Talking Teaching: Easing student anxiety with mindful study techniques

Free download: Learn how student anxiety can be reduced with our free printables!

Lt Latest January 2022

Make your teaching experience easier with new Lt features and content!