Powerful equations: mathematics meets biology at the Science Museum, London

When it comes to ‘maths that could transform lives,' it’s hard to go past recent work by cardiovascular pharmacologist Dr Manasi Nandi and mathematician Dr Philip Aston, who will be co-presenting an exhibit at the Science Museum entitled Cardiomorph. The exhibit is part of a festival clebrating the London Mathematical Society. Manasi and Philip head up a team of biologists and mathematicians who have collaborated to apply non-linear mathematics to blood pressure data in a completely novel way - with some surprising and potentially life-saving results.

Welsh schoolkids put wireless EMG to the test - and meet some rugby heroes!

With the incredible sportspeople of the rugby world in the spotlight, we took the opportunity to show kids another side to the game - the technology that can help athletes reach their full potential.

Passion for science creates a common bond at CrawFly 2015

Colin Olivier, one of our talented Applications Scientists and the Technical Sales representative for Northeastern USA, reports back from CrawFly - the renowned Neurophysiology Workshop for Educators run by Cornell University and ADInstruments as part of the Classroom of Excellence series. We'd like to thank everyone involved for helping to make it a great success, and special thanks to Mike Kaplan, PhD for the awesome photography! And if you haven't been yet, read on to see what CrawFly is like…

AMEE 2015: Medical Education in the spotlight in Glasgow

Last week, thousands of medical educators, administrators, researchers and students converged on Glasgow for the annual meeting of AMEE , the Association of Medical Educators in Europe - five intense days for people at all stages of their careers to exchange ideas and learn about the latest advances in this field. Whether you wanted to know " Has the medical student changed?" or "How do you invent a model abscess?", AMEE 2015 had an answer for you!

Dr Hannah Critchlow: On neuroscience, festivals and exploring the creative brain

Meet Dr Hannah Critchlow of Cambridge University, a passionate neuroscientist and powerful storyteller who spoke at the Hay Festival in Wales earlier this year about the brain and human creativity, analysing the brainwaves of her audience using an EEG kit and PowerLab and wiring up a writer to show how the creative brain goes about composing a difficult chapter​. We spoke to Hannah about the festival, her love of neuroscience and what inspires her.

Windows 10: What you need to know

Here at ADInstruments , we have been working hard to ensure that our software is going to be compatible with Windows 10, the latest release from Microsoft. Read on to see if upgrading will affect your version of LabChart, LabTutor or Lt.

Congratulations to the Sam Drogo Award winners 2015

For the last few years we have been the proud sponsor of the Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Award, which not only recognizes great qualities in instructors such as the courage and vision to innovate in the classroom, but also celebrates the life of a friend and passionate physiology educator with whom we worked for many years. T his year we'd like to congratulate two awardees, Dr. Louise Lexis of La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and Dr. Janet Casagrand from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.

Ode to physiology poetry competition – Part 1 Congratulations to the Winners

In autumn of 2014, we were proud to sponsor a poetry competition run by the UK Physiological Society in conjunction with Biology week. The challenge was to write an “Ode to physiology” and was open to two student age groups: under 11’s and under 19’s.

Macknight Early Career Innovative Educator Award winner: Dr. Trevor Day

The ADInstruments team​ have long been strong advocates for innovation in teaching and for creative use of technology in the classroom, and we're pleased to show our support for creative educators with the Macknight award, to be presented at EB 2015. This year the winner is Dr. Trevor Day of Mt Royal University, Calgary, Canada.

Michael J. Brody Young Investigator Award winner: Dr. Jacqueline Limberg

Sponsored by ADInstruments and awarded by the APS Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section (NCAR) , this award recognizes the achievements of a promising, early-career scientist who has made a significant contribution to the understanding of neural control and autonomic regulation. This year the winner of the Michael J. Brody Young Investigator award is Dr. Jacqueline Limberg for her work on the control of blood pressure during hypoglycemia. Congratulations from all of us at ADInstruments !

CrawFly Workshop seats still available

Places are still available to attend this year’s Crawfly Neurophysiology Educator Workshop . A collaboration between ADInstruments and Cornell University, the workshop covers practical and dynamic methods of teaching invertebrate neurophysiology with common model systems, including crawdad and fruitfly .

And the FUN Educator Award goes to...

We’d like to congratulate Dr Wes Colgan on receiving the Faculty of Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Educator of the Year Award, presented at this year’s Society for Neuroscience conference in Washington DC.

Chili peppers an unlikely hero in alleviating the effects of stroke

Most people are probably familiar with the physiological effects of eating chili peppers, such as increased sweating, flushed skin and a feeling of heat - effects mediated by chili pepper's active ingredient, capsaicin. Recently researchers have been exploring the therapeutic value of these effects and in particular, how they can be used to reduce stroke injury.