Small Animal PV Catheter

PV Catheter (3F, 10E, 2.5 mm, DField, 120 cm)

Product Code SPR-877

Millar ultra-miniature small animal pressure-volume (PV) catheter suitable for rabbits/cats.

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This Millar ultra-miniature pressure-volume (PV) catheter has revolutionized cardiovascular research as its small size means that it can be inserted directly into the heart with virtually no effect on the normal functioning of the heart.

A 3F multi-segmented, dual field, straight-tip PV catheter, with an effective length 120 cm. Single pressure sensor located in the center of the catheter. For ventricular volume the catheter has 10 electrodes with a spacing of 2.5 mm. The SPR-877 is suitable for rabbits/cats.

Having a single small animal catheter with the pressure sensor and electrodes allows for simultaneous measurement of both ventricular pressure and volume from a continuously beating, intact heart.

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Millar Mikro-Tip Catheters require a certain level of care to ensure accuracy and the anticipated lifespan of your catheters. Tergazyme (Alconox, Inc.) is required for cleaning and ensuring the removal of proteinaceous soils, tissue, blood and body fluids from the catheter. Please refer to Alconox, Inc.’s website to purchase from your local supplier. For a few best practice tips to help get you started with your catheters, see our guide here. Additionally, the purchase of an ESD Adjustable Wrist Strap w/ 10’ Coil Cord (Blue, 4mm Snap) is highly recommended to protect these catheters from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage during handling.


  • A Pressure Gauge kit, providing the necessary items to calibrate the pressure transducers, is available.


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Small Animal PV Catheter
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