Spirometry Extension v2.5.3

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The Spirometry extension is a free software analysis tool for LabChart users that is ideal for researchers working on respiratory studies in both human and animal subjects.

LabChart's Spirometry extension can be used to derive respiratory parameters based on flow and volume, such as VE, VT, PIF, PEF, FVC, and FEV. Users can select flow units as either μL/s, mL/s or L/s. The Spirometry extension provides users with a range of software presets and environmental variables that will save you the trouble of manual calibration. 

More about the Spirometry extension

What's new in Spirometry v2.5.3?

  • In the Spirometry settings dialog, you now have the ability to set the unit prefix on the experiment to either L, mL or μL, so that units are more meaningful for your application. This is particularly helpful for small animal studies.
  • We have also added a user-definable noise threshold setting that can be used to remove small positive or negative offsets in the flow signal, which can cause unwanted drift in the calculated volume signal.  When data falls within the noise window defined by the threshold value, the flow signal is set to zero.

How to use the Spirometry extension v2.5.3:

To use the Spirometry extension within LabChart, go to the channel where you will sample your flow data:

  • Zero your spirometer
  • Set up your flow channel
  • Set up your volume channel

Key features of the Spirometry extension:

  • Option to display respiratory parameters such as minute-volume (VE) and tidal volume (VT) in LabChart channels using your raw flow and volume data
  • Provision of a spirometry report containing calculations for various other respiratory parameters such as:

    • PIF: Peak inspiratory flow

    • PEF: Peak expiratory flow

    • FVC: Forced vital capacity

    • FEV1: Forced expired volume in one second

  • Display of a flow/volume plot and a spirometry data window

  • This extension also applies various corrections to improve accuracy.

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How to download the Spirometry extension:

You can download the Spirometry extension for free using the feature manager in LabChart, or follow the links below:

Spirometry for Windows
Spirometry (LabChart 8) for Mac

Want to know more?

Find out more about the Spirometry extension and the new features by visiting the Spirometry help in LabChart. Or check out the links below:

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