Tissue Circulation Webinar (Blood Flow Meter, Oximeter Pods and Pulse Plethysmograph)

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This webinar explores how ADI products can measure blood flow noninvasively in humans (or animals) and record relative changes in skin perfusion with our Laser Doppler Blood Flow Meter.


Join our Scientific Support Specialist, Nick Mackovski, as he walks you through non-invasive blood flow measurements and recording relative changes in skin perfusion with the Laser Doppler Blood Flow Meter. He also covers pulse oximetry and plethysmography non-invasive methods to measure SPO2 and pulsatile flow.

This introduction to tissue circulation will cover: 

  • How to measure blood flow non-invasively in humans (or animals)
  • Recording changes in skin perfusion with Laser Doppler Flowmeter i.e LDF
  • Exploring pulse oximeter and Plethysmograph for recording SPO2 and pulsatile flow


  • [0.00] Introduction
  • [1.30] Blood Flow Meter
  • [8.24] Needle Probes
  • [12.49] Surface Probes
  • [14.07] Calibration and Unit Conversion
  • [18.00] Laser Coppler Flowmetry Theory
  • [21.41] Oximeter Pods
  • [25.57] How do Oximeter sensors work?
  • [28.52] IR Plethysmographs
  • [30.57] Live Demonstration: Blood Flow Meter
  • [39.42] Live Demonstration: Oximeter Pods and Plethysmographs
  • [46.22] Q&A
  • [50.18] Conclusion

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