Blood FlowMeter

Laser Doppler Blood FlowMeter

Product Code INL191

A single-channel laser Doppler blood flowmeter used with a specialized fiber optic probe (purchased separately) to measure blood cell perfusion in the microvasculature of tissues and organs.

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A single-channel laser Doppler flowmeter used with a specialized fiber optic probe (purchased separately) to measure blood cell perfusion in the microvasculature of tissues and organs.

The Blood FlowMeter supports invasive and or non-invasive specialist disciplines with a range of probe types and probe formats.

The Doppler flow probe can also directly stream real-time recordings to LabChart acquisition and analysis software (purchased separately) via USB digital output and the Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler add-on software (supplied).

  • Plug and play: LabChart compatibility means that the blood flowmeter is automatically identified and all relevant configuration and channel settings are preloaded. Requires no further calibration procedures or configuration, so you can have confidence your system is properly configured every time.
  • Flexibility: Either use on its own direct with LabChart, or record other signals using a PowerLab for simultaneous measurements.

Alternatively, it has two outputs that provide analog data that can be recorded via a PowerLab data acquisition unit. Speak with your sales representative as to which connection option is best for your research.

Laser Doppler Blood FlowMeter Applications

  • Blood flow monitoring in peripheral vascular disorders
  • Cerebral perfusion monitoring in models of stroke and brain injury
  • Tumor perfusion monitoring
  • Angiogenesis
  • Blood flow (free flaps, pedicle flaps, wound healing, gastroenterology)

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Details and Tech Specs


Blood FlowMeter Data Card

Mode of Operation

Continuous Laser Doppler Flowmetry

Primary Measurement

Microvascular blood perfusion (Relative Red Blood Cell flux)

​LDF Units

Relative units (0–5000 Blood Perfusion Units corresponding to 0-5 V output)

BSC Units

Relative units (0–100% corresponding to 0-5 V output)

Laser Type

Semiconductor laser diode (temperature stabilized)

Laser Classification

Class 1 Laser (as per 21 CFR 1040-10 and 1040-11)

Laser Wavelength

830 ± 10 nm

Laser Power

<0.5 mW from probe

Doppler Signal Bandwidth

16 kHz


Up to 0.35% moving scatters by volume

Flow Response Time


Reading Stability

5% (measured with standard motility solution)


Automatic, controlled

Flux Calibration

Factory or user calibrated using a motility standard (concentration of latex spheres undergoing Brownian Motion)

Operating Temperature

5-35 °C

Operating Humidity

0-70% (non-condensing)


2.5 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

240mm x 70mm x 260mm

External Power Supply

Universal 100 to 240 V, 1.3A, 50/60 Hz


Product Code

Blood FlowMeter
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