ADInstruments announces acquisition of Kaha Sciences for small animal telemetry

ADInstruments are pleased to announce our acquisition of Kaha Sciences. This acquisition allows us to provide researchers with an unsurpassed solution in terms of quality and power for implantable, wireless telemetry in rats and mice

Why Kaha Sciences? 

  • Superior data quality. Patented wireless power technology allows higher sampling rates (2 kHz) and temporal resolution
  • Continuous recording for extended sampling periods
  • Record diverse signals including pressure, biopotentials, sympathetic nerve activity, and tissue oxygen
  • Unparalleled signal quality via Millar Mikro-Tip® solid-state catheter
  • 5-meter data transmission range with battery backup and in vivo recharging in rat telemeters
  • Cohousing feature enables two rats in the same cage, or a single rat (>350g) implanted with two telemeters

Paired with PowerLab and LabChart 8 / LabChart Lightning, we believe Kaha Sciences are the best telemetry option for research scientists looking to record continuous data from freely moving animals for extended periods with accuracy, reliability, and sensitivity.

This acquisition also gives existing Kaha Sciences customers access to our trusted global sales and support network. 

“We are very excited to announce the acquisition of Kaha Sciences, which will combine our decades of experience providing small animal telemetry solutions and excellent customer service with a well-established product that offers superior data quality to researchers”, said Alex Black, Chief Executive Officer, ADInstruments.

Coming soon: Optogenetics telemeter

We plan to release a new optogenetics telemeter into our rat telemetry range in the coming months. This exciting new telemeter will be the first fully implantable optogenetics stimulating and recording telemeter in rats.
Optogenetics is a relatively new technique with growing interest within research. Compared to conventional electrical stimulation, optogenetics uses light to precisely control neuronal cells that have been transfected with a specific channelrhodopsin. This reduces the activation of neighboring cells and ensures that stimulation is highly targeted and results in specific physiological and behavioral effects.  

“We're very excited about the opportunity to use the inherent data quality advantages of the Kaha Sciences product to bring further innovation to the telemetry market.”, says Brandon Bucher, Head of Research, ADInstruments. “Paired with our continued development in LabChart Lightning, extending our analysis capabilities alongside the multi-recording analysis framework, we think we can create the best option for customers who value data quality, power, and ease of use.”

As researchers worldwide are planning future projects and a return to full lab activities, we are excited to share this announcement and see what the future holds. 

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About the Kaha Sciences Brand

Kaha Sciences telemetry products have been around for over 10 years and have been used extensively in academic and research institutions globally,  as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. 

The patented wireless power technology along with a Mikro-Tip® catheter (Millar Inc.) containing the solid-state sensor at the catheter tip, was the first product of its type. This provides customers with the ability and confidence to measure long-term, highly accurate and sensitive recordings from intracardiac through to intracranial pressures. The product range has grown to include specific and unique devices such as tissue oxygen and SNA/Pressure telemeters.

Find out more about our Kaha Sciences solutions here »

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