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Human NIBP Device Enabler

The Human NIBP Device Enabler allows the Human NIBP Controller to stream data into LabChart.


The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Module for LabChart analyzes beat-to-beat interval variation in ECG recordings or arterial pulse signals.

Glucose Calibration

The LabChart 8 Glucose Calibration extension provides the ability to calibrate glucose data from the new HD-XG implants from DSI.

Fast Response Output

The Fast Response Output Add-On for LabChart allows you to control the digital outputs and analog outputs of supported PowerLab units.

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Export QuickTime

The Export QuickTime Add-On for LabChart allows you to save LabChart data files as QuickTime m

Event Manager

The Event Manager Add-On for LabChart monitors incoming signals, detects user-defined events, and performs associated user-defined actions.

Equivital Bluetooth Dongle with LabChart Device Enabler

The Equivital Bluetooth Dongle is a Bluetooth 2.1 class 1 dongle that enables a PC to wirelessly receive data from up to 2 Equivital SEMs

ECG Analysis

The ECG (EKG) Analysis Module for LabChart automatically detects and reports PQRST onset, amplitude and intervals in real time, or after recording.

Dose Response

The Dose Response Software Module allows analysis and graphical display of dose response type data recorded in LabChart.

DMT Normalization

The DMT Normalization Module provides an easy method for calculating optimal pretension conditions for microvascular research. 

DMT Device Enabler

The DMT Device Enabler, provided by Danish Myo Technology, is a software addition to LabChart.

CODA® Monitor Device Enabler

The CODA® Monitor Device Enabler allows the ADInstruments CODA® Monitor to stream non-invasive blood pressure data directly into LabChart.

Cardiac Output

The Cardiac Output Module allows the user to easily calculate the cardiac output of small animals, such as rats and mice, using the thermodilution technique. 

Cardiac Axis

Cardiac Axis is a LabChart Add-On that automates calculation of frontal plane electrocardiograms and animates cardiac vector display.

Blood Pressure

The Blood Pressure Module for LabChart acts as a blood pressure graphing, monitoring & tracking software, automatically reporting cardiovascular parameters from arterial or ventricular pressure signals.

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Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler

The Blood FlowMeter Device Enabler allows the

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