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Thermodilution Cardiac Output Calculator

Product Code MLS340/8

The Cardiac Output Module allows the user to easily calculate the cardiac output of small animals, such as rats and mice, using the thermodilution technique. 

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The Cardiac Output Module for LabChart provides the user with an analysis tool to easily extract and calculate cardiac output from small animals, using the thermodilution technique and recorded in LabChart. 

Cardiac output is inversely proportional to the area under the thermodilution curve. The prolongation of the decay curve due to recirculation of the injectate is taken into account for calculations. 

The Cardiac Output Module is included as part of LabChart Pro or can be purchased separately.

Key Features

  • The Cardiac Output Module window plots temperature recorded by LabChart versus time to give a thermodilution curve.
  • Able to calculate both upwardly-displayed and downwardly-displayed thermodilution curves.
  • Analyze recordings in the duration of 5 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Automatic calculation of Cardiac output in mL/min
    • Baseline temperature
    • Area under the thermodilution curve
    • Baseline slope correction
  • The Cardiac Output Settings dialog box allows the user to define the parameters used in the calculation of cardiac output such as injection volume and temperature.
  • Correction factor option to account for variation in instrument/experimental conditions.
  • Correction of baseline drift by selecting baseline data and choosing Set Baseline Correction from the Cardiac Output menu. Correction factor would be automatically inserted in the cardiac output calculation.
  • Tail Fitting range to specify portion of the thermodilution curve which an exponential curve is calculated and extrapolated to return to baseline value.
  • Capture tab allows the user to mark the selected thermodilution curve with Cardiac Output values and the addition of a comment and resulting cardiac output values on the selected thermodilution curve on LabChart reading.
  • Easy export of cardiac output values to other programs for further statistical analysis.


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Cardiac Output
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