Creating Lt Table Panels

Basic read-only Table panels can be added to any lesson for an organized display of information.

Note: The Table, Table Question, Spreadsheet, and Spreadsheet Question panels have similar features and functionality. For information on the differences between these panels, see Table and Spreadsheet Panels in Lt.

To add a Table panel, select PANELS from the footer, then Basic from the PANELS menu as shown below:

Drag and drop the Table icon to the desired location on the page. A simple table consisting of two rows and columns appears by default, but the table can be easily customized for the number of rows and columns required. You can create up to 40 columns.

Editing your Table panel

To customize your table, select Edit. Now you'll see the three Table editing menus below your table. 

To add or delete rows/columns, choose the row or column buttons and select an appropriate action. You can also make a certain row or column a header by selecting Header from the dropdown menu. The text in a Header is bold and blue, compared to regular black for non-header text. 

The color of each cell can be changed by selecting the paintbrush button  and choosing None, Red, Green, Yellow, or Gray. Different colors can be used to enhance data communication.

When you are finished editing, select Done.

If you want a table that students can write in, see the Table Question panel.