How can multiple analysis settings for LabChart Analysis Modules be saved in a Data File?

The Analysis Manager Feature can be used in conjunction with LabChart
Modules (Blood Pressure, ECG Analysis, HRV, Peak Analysis, PV Loop, and Spike
) to save the module settings associated with one or more analyses.
This enables analysis of separate data regions or channels within a data file, multiple
analyses of the same or different data regions or channels, and the results of each analysis
to be saved and recalled.  Analysis Manager can also be used with LabChart alone
to save and recall selections of data and/or active points in Chart and Scope
Views.  To access the Analysis Manager, left mouse click on the LabChart Windows Menu, and select the Analysis Manager option.  The Analysis Manager Pop-up Window will now appear.

If you have further questions about the Analysis Manager and its uses, please contact one of your region's Technical Support representatives by filling out the web form located HERE.