Webinar: Authoring in Lt

Webinar: Authoring in Lt

  • 29 Apr 20

Customer Success Manager, Arianna Boulet provides a comprehensive introduction to authoring in Lt.

Learn about:

  • Editing Lt lessons
  • Creating new Lt lessons
    • Adding content from outside of Lt
    • Different panel types and page options
  • Combining Lt lessons

Workshop Overview

Where to go for help with Lt

Editing Lessons

  • Edit lesson details
  • Previewing lessons
  • Rearranging and editing
  • Adding new panels
  • Page options

Creating Lessons

Combining Lessons

  • Multiple lessons opened
  • Copying content between lessons

Q & A Session

comment How do I link a data panel in Lt so that the same data appears on multiple pages within the lesson?

Live Answered. Yes, questions and data panels can be aliased. To do so, copy the panel and select ‘Paste Alias’ to paste an alias of that panel. The panels are now linked so that whatever is done to one, either when authoring or when a student answers, will be reflected in the other. See here for more information.