Rat Telemetry System Overview - Kaha Sciences

  • 26 May 21
  • Kaha Sciences

The Kaha Sciences Rat Telemetry system is the ideal solution for research scientists looking to record continuous, high-resolution...

Methods to Assess Blood Pressure Regulation in Humans and in Animal Models

  • 26 May 21
  • Kaha, Kaha Webinars, LabChart, Cardiovascular

In this ADInstruments sponsored APS workshop, Dr. Noha Shawky, Dr. Lacy Alexander (co-chair), and Dr. Vaughan Macefield all address...

Fishing for Insights from Single-Lead and Multi-Lead ECG of Live Adult Zebrafish

  • 12 May 21
  • Cardiovascular

In this webinar, Dr. Thao Nguyen discusses the exciting discoveries that her research team has made, debunks some common myths...

What’s happening in the Lt world – May 2021

  • 6 May 21
  • Bi-monthly Lt Update Sessions

Customer Success Manager Liam Farley provides an overview of recent releases to the Lt Platform.

Understanding the Importance of PV Catheter Calibration in Admittance and Conductance Systems

  • 27 Apr 21
  • Millar

Pressure-Volume (PV) Loops are the gold standard for measuring direct, real-time cardiac function. There are...

Spatio-temporal Imaging – In Real Time! With Professor Nick Spencer

  • 21 Apr 21
  • LabChart, Advanced or application-specific analysis, Isolated organ or tissue


Professor Nick Spencer demonstrates how to perform real-time spatio-temporal mapping along...

John R. Waters: My Cousin, the Tree: Integrating the Anatomy and Physiology of Plant and Human Biology | Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Webinar Series

  • 20 Apr 21
  • Webinars

Anatomy, physiology and general biology are traditionally taught in separate portions of a biology curriculum, and introductory A...

Microphysiological Systems and Blood Flow: The Next Frontier of Precision Medicine | Dr. Anuradha S. Webinar

  • 20 Apr 21
  • LabChart, Advanced or application-specific analysis, Cardiovascular, Transonic

In this webinar, Dr. Anuradha S. discusses the importance of blood pressure and blood flow in Cardiovascular Applications (...

Pulse Wave Velocity: Theory, Applications, Methods, and Future Directions (Lee Stoner, Gabriel Zieff)

  • 14 Apr 21
  • LabChart, Advanced or application-specific analysis, Cardiovascular, Millar

In this webinar, Lee Stoner, PhD and Gabriel Zieff, MA provide a complete, in-depth overview of their research involving Pulse Wave...

Dee Silverthorn: Using SARS-CoV to Teach Physiology | Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Webinar Series

  • 25 Mar 21
  • Webinars

The sudden appearance of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the global pandemic of COVID-19 provide us a unique opportunity...

LabTutor to Lt Conversion

  • 16 Mar 21
  • Lt LabStation Support, Authoring, LabTutor

Learn how to convert LabTutor lessons into Lt lessons.