Bright sparks at MSU’s Brain Sparks workshop

Michigan State University has been helping local high school students prepare for the upcoming Brain Bee, with a series of weekend workshops. The latest was Brain Sparks, supported by ADInstruments, which used PowerLabs to study the electrical signals generated by the nervous system in crayfish, fruit flies and the students themselves.

New in LabChart 8: Easy access to shared data

Sometimes it’s the tiny details that make all the difference - in this case, a minor but important addition to the Welcome Center in LabChart 8 that lets you create easy access to shared data and settings.

Putting staff through their paces

Education is really important to everyone here - it's great to think that we can help teachers help students towards a career in life sciences - and every so often, we like to put ourselves on the receiving end of our LabTutor experiments.

New in LabChart 8: LabChart Pro for students

Our new Student Licenses provide access to LabChart Pro for data analysis. Your students can work on data outside of class, so you can devote more of their lab time to teaching hands-on, practical, data-collection techniques.

New in LabChart 8: Send and Publish your data

Another of our favorite additions to LabChart 8 are the Send and Publish functions. Designed to help both teachers and researchers, they’re a great way to share data from the classroom or the lab.

New in LabChart 8: Data Plots

The Data Plots feature lets you quickly create plots to analyze your data or even monitor trends in your data as you sample. You can make a plot right within LabChart – no more time spent cutting and pasting data between applications! Watch the video after the click.

Supporting neuroscience education and research in Africa

For a third year running, ADInstruments has sponsored the annual "Teaching and Research in Neuroscience for Development in Africa" (TReND) summer schools at Kampala International University (KIU), Uganda.

Students Robo-Boogie at junior robotics competition

The regional round of this year’s RoboCup Junior New Zealand “Battle of the Bots” saw more than 140 Otago primary and secondary school students compete at the Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand on Saturday 6 July. RoboCup Junior is a New Zealand national robotics competition that gives school...

ADInstruments congratulates all participants and the winning team of the 10th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz

346 students from 70 universities took part in the tenth installment of the Professor A. Raman Challenge Trophy at the University of Malaya last month. A sponsor of the quiz, ADInstruments was at hand to support the event and conduct an educator workshop.

Australian Brain Bee Winner Creates an International Buzz

ADInstruments congratulates Teresa Tang, the 2011 Australian Brain Bee Champion who has won the 2012 International Brain Bee (IBB).

Five-day CRAW-FLY educator workshop at Cornell University a stunning success

Learn about the 2012 Craw-Fly workshop and techniques covered in the course.

LabTutor Software: helping transform physiology teaching at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Educators from Goethe University Frankfurt have reported how they used LabTutor software with PowerLab systems to help improve their students’ learning experiences and exam outcomes in Advances in Physiology Education.

Ruminate on this: vet students learn about cow digestive physiology with LabChart

Veterinary students at the University of Copenhagen are learning how to better understand, diagnose and treat digestive problems in their future cattle patients by using PowerLab with LabChart software to observe the rumen motility of Jersey cows.