LabTutor Software used by talented middle school students at Michigan State University

A group of twenty talented middle school students recently explored physiological concepts using PowerLab systems with LabTutor Software at a two week residential program that is held annually at Michigan State University (MSU). The Program was so successful that there are plans to include LabTutor experiments in future years.

Teaching first year physiology with LabTutor

Since ADInstruments began in 1988, the revolutionary LabTutor software for PowerLab systems has been one of our most innovative developments for life science teaching. This month, we’re focusing on two different institutions that have made LabTutor a core tool in their first year physiology practical programs.

Dive Response Experiments in Antarctica

PowerLab and LabChart were used to demonstrate diving-induced bradycardia to three hundred passengers aboard a Discovery cruise ship visiting the Antarctica.