Langendorff System Overview - PanLab (Constant Pressure or Flow)

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Langendorff System Overview 
- presented by Mark de Reus, Head of Support at ADInstruments

The Langendorff System - Panlab (Constant Pressure or Flow) is designed to perfuse isolated small animal hearts such as mouse, rat and guinea pig using the Langendorff technique while providing measurement of pressure, biopotentials, and temperature. The compact design is space-saving, quick to set up and easy to use. The perfusate reservoir includes two thermostatically-controlled compartments that allow different perfusate solutions to be changed easily.

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System Components:

Data Acquisition and Analysis:

  • The PowerLab 8/35 is shipped with ADInstruments LabChart software, which together provide data recording integrity, display and analysis features.
  • The research system is also supplied with LabChart Pro software, which includes all the ADInstruments LabChart Modules (excluding GLP Client and Server). LabChart Modules provide application specific data acquisition, analysis and display features. 
  • LabChart Pro also entitles the purchaser to 5 years of FREE LabChart Pro software upgrades and updates. Purchasers are also entitled to any LabChart Module released during this 5 year period (excludes GLP Client and Server).

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