Helping with matters of the (isolated) heart: Simplicity & flexibility for cardiovascular and pharmacology research

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Simple choices and more flexibility for cardio and pharma research

Using isolated heart systems? So many variations, so many accessories, too many options!

You want to tailor your system, but it can be confusing and difficult to know what to use, and when - let alone choosing the right equipment in the first place.

To help, we are proud to present our refreshed and updated Isolated Heart Research Kits, which integrate seamlessly with our Langendorff Foundation Systems and Working Heart Foundation Systems.

Importantly, our new kits streamline how you select your equipment - making it so much easier to acquire an entire isolated heart system that is customized to your specific needs and is research ready.

  1. Choose which type of Langendorff or Working Heart apparatus you need
  2. Select which parameters you wish to record
  3. Add the specific kit/s that suits the parameters of your research
  4. Do you need data acquisition hardware and data analysis software?

Once you have made these simple selections, you should have all the glassware, accessories, hardware, and software you need to perfuse isolated mouse or rat hearts using Langendorff or Working Heart apparatus.

Here's an example of how you might put a system together for ischemic heart reperfusion studies in a rat:
(Parameters to record: Left Ventricular Developed Pressure (LVDP), Temperature, pH, Aortic Pressure, Heart Rate, Monophasic Action Potential)


Our New Kits:

Our new kits cover numerous general perfusion, Langendorff, and working heart applications.

Radnoti Langendorff

Our Working Heart Systems

Working heart systems allow you to simultaneously monitor mechanical and electrical cardiac parameters, to examine the influence of preload and afterload on cardiac work during perfusion.

ADInstruments offer high-quality Working Heart and Langendorff systems for isolated working heart preparations. We also provide all complementary equipment and products, including tissue/organ baths, and a full range of supplementary accessories and consumables.

Advance your cardiac investigation with ADInstruments Working Heart Foundation Systems. All foundation systems include high quality and modular Radnoti glassware, PowerLab data acquisition hardware, LabChart data analysis software, and high-quality components for measuring cardiac parameters. 

Add in a kit for specific amplifiers, transducers, and electrodes to record atrial and aortic pressures as well as ECG, or take your investigations to the next level with kits that include components such as pH probes, pacing electrodes and Millar pressure catheters, which facilitate additional cardiac parameters, as well as the option to pace the heart.

Langendorff + Working Heart Systems | Cardio and Pharma Research | Radnoti & ADInstruments


Radnoti is now brand of ADInstruments 
ADInstruments gives researchers access to a trusted global sales and support network with over 35 years of industry experience. Radnoti has over 40 years of experience in producing fine glass instruments and turn-key systems for applications both inside and outside the life science research community. Manufacturing of glass componentry will remain with the existing operational team so that customers can continue to expect the same level of high quality product as they have always received.

Video: Priming and Operating your Radnoti Working Heart System

Benefits of Radnoti Glassware
Each working heart system includes easy to assemble Radnoti glassware that can be easily adapted for a range of studies. 

  • Modular design allows for extreme flexibility and system reconfigurations
  • Complete water-jacketed glassware and tubing for superb temperature control
  • Powerful Thermal Bath/Circulator provides start-up to 37°C in 15 minutes with excellent accuracy
  • Hi-tech heart chamber with threaded cap and access ports for easy insertion of cannulae and probes
  • Quick and easy disassembly with quick-disconnect tubing
  • Independently adjustable preload and afterload pressure
  • Single-pass perfusion or recirculation modes for experiment flexibility
  • Fully autoclavable crystal clear borosilicate glassware

ADInstruments + Radnoti: Working Heart Systems

Our Langendorff Systems

With the Langendorff technique, you can monitor an isolated heart while perfusing the coronary arteries with a nutrient solution. This allows you to record and analyze multiple cardiac parameters such as left ventricular developed pressure, perfusion pressure, cardiac electrical activity, heart rate, and temperature all in real time.

ADInstruments provides all the equipment to support your use of the Langendorff technique:

  • Perfuse all sizes of heart models hearts from mice, rats and guinea pigs, to porcine hearts
  • Maintain constant temperature with a heated water bath, water jacketed tubing, components, and heart chamber
  • Easily switch between constant-pressure and constant flow modes to investigate coronary artery function while the heart beats spontaneously or with the help of an external stimulator

ADInstruments + Langendorff Systems

Please contact us with any questions or to talk about your research and what you are hoping to achieve - we can make it easier!

The ADInstruments Team


Find out more:

Video: Priming and Operating your Radnoti Working Heart System

Video: Understanding Ventricular Pressure-Volume Catheter Calibrations and Experimental Design

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