Never miss a beat - A complete system for Langendorff research

Isolated heart perfusion has never been simpler with this compact, space-saving desktop solution.

Enhance your cardiovascular research with an ADInstruments Langendorff System. Our System combines Panlab's robust Langendorff apparatus with PowerLab and LabChart in order to perfuse small animal hearts (such as mouse and rat) using the Langendorff technique. Easily measure cardiac contractile strength (inotropic effects), heart rate (chronotropic effects) and vascular effects, without the influence of neuronal and hormonal factors. 

Check out the short video below for a quick overview of the Langendorff System and its components!

Our compact, easy to use system maintains the heart in a temperature-controlled organ chamber, while perfusing the coronary arteries with a nutrient solution, allowing evaluation under conditions of constant perfusion flow or pressure. 

Applications of the Langendorff include:

  • Medical device testing
  • Artificial heart development
  • Ischemia / Reperfusion studies
  • Pharmacology / toxicology studies
  • Myocardial function
  • Hypertrophy, infarction, cardiomyopathy, and other disease models
  • Systemic circulation or ventricular studies
  • Coronary vessel function

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System highlights

  • An easy to set up, compact system that saves on bench space
  • Water-jacketing ensures a constant temperature for the perfusate and the heart. 
  • Simple switching between constant perfusion flow and perfusion pressure modes at the push of a button
  • Monitors, records and displays coronary artery function and perfusion pressure
  • Records and analyzes in real-time

Accurate Pressure Measurements

The system includes piezo-resistive Physiological Pressure Transducers which are highly accurate and robust. Their easy-to-fill domes connect to transducers quickly and easily, without leakage. The pressure signals are then amplified using our software-controlled, low drift Bridge Amps.

Innovative Pump Controller

The STH Pump Controller constantly monitors perfusion pressure and perfusion flow rate without requiring an additional cost of a flowmeter. Once set, the pressure can be held at a constant value, by monitoring and adjusting the flow rate, removing the need for an elevated pressure apparatus. Easily switch between constant perfusion flow and constant perfusion pressure with the touch of a button! 

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Powerful analysis for better results

Record and analyze up to 32 channels of data with ease and accuracy using the PowerLab 8/35 data acquisition system and LabChart Pro software included in the Langendorff system. LabChart Pro comes equipped with helpful analysis and display features including the ECG, Blood Pressure, HRV, Peak Analysis, and Video Capture Modules (featured below). 

Interesting in learning more about the Langendorff technique? Check out our FREE on-demand webinar covering experimental considerations and best practices when using Langendorff perfusion.

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